Pingyao, one of the four famous ancient cities in China, is becoming more and more important as a tourist destination. It is known for its attractive scenery, wonderful history, amazing cultures, and so on. Of course for visitors to Pingyao, one of the most important parts of their trip is their accommodations.

Pingyao is a small town, so there are no star-rated hotels available. Only small hotels and guest houses can be found. Although lacking in some of the amenities of the larger hotels, these hotels and guest houses are very clean and are family-run. The operators of these small hotels do go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable and are proud to show off their traditional Chinese hospitality. And there are a lot of small hotels of old architectural style.

Staying in those hotels, you may feel that time stops. It is useful for people to know the custom and culture of the people in ancient times. Many of the desk workers and concierge of each of Pingyao's hotels can speak English, so the language barrier is not a problem. They will serve each guest with great hospitality and do everything in their ability to make visitors feel at home.

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