Aside from classic attractions and quaint water towns, still plenty of nice places to explore in Shanghai. If you happen to stay a bit longer or have some free time in your travel schedule, give a try one or some of our optional tour program recommendations and embark on your treasure hunt. 

French Concession Walking Tour
A place boasting lovely quiet streets, lots of great cafes, interesting shops and exclusive colonial mansions. It’s a good idea to walk around at a leisurely pace and learn about Shanghai's colonial legacy while stopping now and then for a coffee or a glass of wine. The famous St Ignatius Cathedral is lying immediately west of the boundary of the concession. 

M 50 (Moganshan Road Art District) Art Journey
Warehouse-turned-art districts gather a number of modern and contemporary art galleries, bars and cafes, etc. Kind of a smaller 798 (in Beijing) and you can find everything from graffiti and street art to black-and-white portraits of Shanghai's urban development and bizarre statuary out of scrap metal. BTW, the artwork here is quite reasonably priced and not a few visitors would like to bring home one piece or two. 

Huaihai Road Shopping Adventure
One of Shanghai’s hottest retail and shopping corridors; unlike its equivalents, Nanjing Road, for instance, is more narrow and shadowy with typical old Shanghai trees covering the whole street. Lined with chic shopping malls, restaurants, bars and cafes etc. this is the most beautiful, romantic and elegant shopping area in Shanghai in many people’s eyes. 

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