Hongqiao Airport is located in Shanghai's western suburbs. It is a convenient 13-kilometer-distance from the city's center and is one of the busiest airports in China.

It accommodates domestic arrivals and departures while also providing a service to Tokyo and Seoul, and having a standby capacity for international flight landings.

With 15 waiting halls, 15 luggage conveyors, 18 VIP lounges, and a variety of shops, restaurants, and other facilities, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is well equipped to serve the millions of people who use it each year.

Shanghai's western suburbs are 13 kilometers from the center of the city.

Shuttle bus to the Hotels: 
Many of the bigger hotels also have a shuttle bus system that is either free or costs 19-25RMB.

By Taxi
 Taxis are readily available outside arrivals; the driver should use the meter, however, if it is not working, agree on the fare before leaving the airport (journey time: approximately 25-40 minutes). 

By Bus 
Public buses run regularly to city destinations including the city ticket office. Bus 925 runs to People's Square, Bus 938 runs to Pudong Yangjiadu, Bus 806 runs to Zhong Shan Nan Yi, Bus 807 runs to Shanghai West Railway Station, and airport Bus 1 run to Shan Xi Lu.

Money and communications: 
There are bureau de change, banks and ATMs throughout the terminal, as well as postal and telecommunication services. International direct dial telephones are available in arrivals, while public telephones take local coins and phone cards.

Trolley rental is available at both departures and arrivals. Uniformed porters can also be hired, although travelers should note that tipping is not allowed. Luggage lockers are available.

Other facilities:
These include smoking areas throughout the terminal, a fitness center in the Shanghai International Airport Hotel, a medical center and a beauty salon.

Information Desks: 
Tourist information is available by telephone (tel: +86 (0)21 6439 0630). All signs are in English and Chinese, as are the intercom announcements.

Service Tel:
Information inquiry number: 021-52604620
Exchange No.: 021-62688899
Complain Tel: 021-62683682

Duty-free shopping is available, and a shopping market is located just outside the airport entrance. Chinese specialties, such as silk clothing and scroll paintings, are available for purchase. Located at No. 3-5 Waiting Hall and No. 2-4 Entrance of Domestic Departure in Terminal A; At the No. 10-11 waiting Hall in Terminal B. 

Book Stores: 
Located at No. 12 Waiting Hall in Terminal B.

Airport food:
Located at the No. 3-4 Entrance of Domestic Departure Hall, No. 7, No. 1-2 Domestic waiting Hall and No. 2 Exit of Domestic Arrival & Greeting Hall in Terminal A; At No. 12 Waiting Hall and No. 4 Exit of Greeting Hall in Terminal B.

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