Nanjing Road in Shanghai - China's Number one Shopping Street

Nanjing Road, known as China's number-one shopping street offers a seemingly endless variety of modern fashions, electronics, and accessories.

  • Nanjing Street is the earliest business street in Shanghai. It was called Park Lane in the past. All in all, on Nanjing Street, visitors may fully experience crazy shopping and cultural connotations.
  • It is 5.5 kilometers long from the Bund to the Jing'an Temple. Now Nanjing Street refers to Nanjing Pedestrian Street.
  • Nanjing Street has boutiques offering some of the best name-brand items in the world. Versace and Armani Clothing, Rolex and Cartier watches, Pearls and jewelry, and many neat little shops selling all sorts of things.

    Nanjing RoadNanjing Road

Tour Features

A Must-See Place

Most people say that if you have never been to Nanjing Street, it is equal that you have never been to Shanghai.

Shows the Past and Present of Shanghai

The traditional and modern things add special charm to this one-thousand-year-old street - Nanjing Street. It perfectly shows the past and present of Shanghai.

Cultural Atmosphere

There are 26 cultural facilities along the two sides of Nanjing Street. On Century Square, the 250-square-meter huge screenplays news and current affairs day and night; the fashionable shop windows and exquisite stores are full of art atmosphere.

The tea bars and coffee bars are full of exoticism; the small-scale performance played by a folk musician in the street corner is fantastic, etc. Owing to all these, tourists may taste the "cultural food" of different places, appreciate the art of all around the world, and feel the connotations of the different cultures.

Street Food in Nanjing RoadStreet Food in Nanjing Road


Nanjing Street is located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai.


You can take bus number 21, or take subway line 1 and get off at West Nanjing Rd. Station.

Visiting Time

If you like, you can actually spend a whole day there. The most outstanding characteristic of Nanjing Street is the absolutely different sights in the daytime and at night.

  • In the morning, the shops and restaurants are closed, but the street is quite busy. People are doing all kinds of things. Some are dancing, some are doing shadowboxing, some are playing sliding board, etc. It is just like a park, which has an outstanding compared with the street on the flourishing day.
  • During the daytime, people may enjoy the green plants. There are more than 70 fragrant camphor trees, all kinds of flowers and trees. Century Square has become a green lung of the modern city.
  • At night, it becomes a Sleepless City. Colorful lights and beautiful music fountains make the street romantic.

Costs/ Entrance Tickets

Absolutely free

If you are interested in taking a Shanghai tour with a visit to Nanjing Road; if you need a private tour and an English-speaking tour guide to show you around Shanghai; China Odyssey Tours is here and ready to help. Contact us.

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