Shanghai is a mixture city of old and new. Here we choose some interesting topics to show you the differences between old Shanghai and new Shanghai, and hope you can get a clear idea about the development of Shanghai, as well as get some idea about where to go and discover the past of Shanghai.

- Experience Old Shanghai: Walk along the Bund to visit traditional Shanghai buildings; spend a half day in Tianzifang to experience the real Old Shanghai lifestyle; visit Zhujiajiao, a water town with a 1,700 history, known as Shanghai's Venice.
Know about New Shanghai: Stroll along the Pudong area, marvel at the three tallest buildings in Shanghai; have a lovely drink in the bar of Xintiandi; enjoy yourself in the fancy restaurant along the Bund; take a Huangpu river cruise to appreciate the nightlight of Shanghai.

Old Shanghai Lifestyle & New Shanghai Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Old Shanghai is quite different from the New Shanghai lifestyle. Many people consider Old Shanghai as a certain kind of lifestyle, thus the impression of Old Shanghai falls into the following words: clubs, nightlife, fashion, pretty girls in Cheongsams, handsome men with hats, and a bunch of foreigners.
To know more about Shanghai Lifestyle, you can visit ShikumenTianzifangZhujiajiao, The BundYu Garden.

Old Shanghai People & Shanghai New Generation

Old Shanghai People: As an immigrant city, it is really hard to tell the Real Shanghai people from the New Shanghai people; perhaps, those who can speak the Shanghai dialect are more likely considered Old Shanghai People.
Shanghai New Generation: They are from other parts of China to seek opportunities in Shanghai, most of them are hard-working, intelligent, and becoming the driving force of this fast developing city.
Shanghai people's lifestyle

Old Shanghai Streets: Yesterday and Today

Walking along the old street in Shanghai is a good way to know about the dramatic changes in this city.
Old Shanghai Street: The BundNanjing RoadFrench Concession

Old Shanghai Buildings & Modern Architecture

Shanghai is a paradise for architecture lovers. In Shanghai, you might have the experience like this: walking along the lovely lanes of old Shanghai streets and appreciating traditional Shanghai buildings, while turning around a modern fancy building in front to surprise you.
Old Shanghai Buildings: ShikumenTianzifangThe BundFrench Concession.
Modern Architecture: Lujiazui New ZoneShanghai World Financial CenterOriental Pearl TV TowerJinmao Tower

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