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Old Shanghai VS New Shanghai

Shanghai is a mixture city of old and new. Here we choose some interesting topics to show you the differences of old Shanghai and new Shanghai, and hope you can get a clear idea about the development of Shanghai, as well as get some idea about where to go and discover the past of Shanghai.

  • Experience Old Shanghai: Walk along the Bund to visit traditional Shanghai buildings; spend half day in Tianzifang to experience real Old Shanghai lifestyle; visit Zhujiajiao, a water town with a 1,700 history, known as Shanghai's Venice.

  • Know about New Shanghai: Stroll along Pudong area, marvel at the three tallest building in Shanghai; have a lovely drink in the bar of Xintiandi; enjoy yourself in the fancy restaurant along the Bund; take a Huangpu river cruise to appreciate the nightlight of Shanghai.

new shanghai New Shanghai has become a fashion city in the world. 

Old Shanghai Lifestyle & New Shanghai Lifestyle

  • The lifestyle of Old Shanghai are quite different from New Shanghai lifestyle. Many people consider Old Shanghai as a certain kind of lifestyle, thus the impression of Old Shanghai falls to the following words: clubs, nightlife, fashion, pretty girls in Cheongsams, handsome man with hats, and a bunch of foreigners.
  • To know more about Shanghai Lifestyle, you can visit ShikumenTianzifangZhujiajiao, The BundYu Garden.

Yu Garden is the best place to learn about old shanghai lifestyle. Yu Garden shows visitors the most traditional lifestyle in Shanghai

Old Shanghai People & Shanghai New Generation

  • Old Shanghai People: As an immigrant city, it is really hard to tell the Real Shanghai people from New Shanghai people; perhaps, those who can speak Shanghai dialect are more likely considered as an Old Shanghai People.
  • Shanghai New Generation: They are from other parts of China to seek opportunities in Shanghai, most of them are hard working, intelligent, and becoming the driving force of this fast developing city.
  • Shanghai people's lifestyle

Old Shanghai Street-Nanjing Road New Shanghai people seek opportunities in this fast developing city

Old Shanghai Streets: Yesterday and Today

Old Shanghai Street-The Bund The Bund is the most famous old Shanghai street

Old Shanghai Buildings & Modern Architecture

Old Shanghai Builfing Visitors could see pictures of old Shanghai building  in museum

 Sample tour to see the Old Shanghai: 3-Day Classic Shanghai City Tour

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