Pudong Airport, about an hour's drive from the city center, handles most international and some domestic flights. It is the most important and famous airport in China.

The airport provides services to 73 international areas and 62 domestic cities. The airport consists of 2 passenger terminals which are connected by 2 parallel runways and it is the 3rd-busiest airport in China. Apart from passenger services, it also serves as a major hub for air freights.
The first phase of construction of the Pudong International Airport was completed and put into operation in 1999.
It is serving about 50 domestic and foreign airlines, connecting with over 70 international and regional destinations and 60 domestic destinations.

In the east of Shanghai, about 30 km away from the city center, and about 40 km away from Hongqiao International Airport.

How to get to the city center from the airport?
You can take a taxi, an airport bus, or a maglev train.

How long does it take?
  By Taxi: 30 to 40 minutes. (not in rush hour)
 By Airport Bus: 30 to 40 minutes. 
(Operation time: every 1 hour or 2 hours) 
 By Maglev Train: less than 8 mins from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station

How much? 
  By Taxi: 150 to 200 RMB, depending on where you go. 
  By Airport Bus: 15 to 30 RMB, depending on where you go. 
  By Maglev Train: one-way 50 RMB, from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station (Passengers with current day flight tickets can buy a one-way ticket of Maglev Train at a 20% discount. )

Airport Services
Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities:
ATMs can be found in various locations in the terminal, while a total of four banks offering currency exchange and other services are on hand in various parts of the airport.

Two Post Offices:
In the Domestic Departures Hall and the Domestic Departures Concourse on the third floor. Regular and international telephones can be found throughout the airport.

-Pudong Development Bank: Between No. 12 and No. 14 Door of International Arrival Waiting Hall in International Departure. (Opposite to No.37 First Class Lounge) 
Service Time: From the beginning of the flight to the end of the flight 

-Citiz Bank: Beside No. 5 Door of International Departure.
Service Time: 8:00-19:00 

- China Commercial and Industry Bank: Beside No. 6 Door of International Departure. 
Service Time: 6:00-end of the flight 

-Bank of China: Beside No. 15 Door of International Departure. 
Service Time: 5:45-end of the flight

Services Tel
Airport Police: The Shanghai Pudong International Airport Police telephone numbers are 021-6834565 and 021-68345692

Service Tel:
  Airport Inquiring Tel: 021-96990 
 Coach Service Tel: 021-68345743 
 Taxi Service Tel: 021-962000 
 Maglev Train Service Tel: 021-28907777 
 Airport Bus Service Tel: 021-68346612 / 021-68346645 / 021-68346830 / 021-68855057 / 021-68022000

Luggage Storage, Air Insurance Counters, Lost and Found, Nursing Room. 

Shopping and Dining
Duty-Free Shops: They are located at No.15-20 Gates of the international departure public area. 
International Stores: Shops dot the business street of departure public area and international departure restricted area.
Domestic Stores: They are situated on the business street of departure public area and international departure restricted area.
Airport food: 
 There are various restaurants, coffee shops and bars. 
 Location: Greeting Hall of International Arrival ( near No. 19 Door) Greeting Hall of Domestic Arrival (near No. 1 Door) 
 In the Shopping Area north to CIQ in International Departure. 
 In the Shopping Area of Domestic Departure.
  (Maybe the cheapest restaurant in the airport is KFC, Which is situated at the interface channel of the two terminals.)

Passenger Guides
International Arrival Procedures: Quarantine - Immigration - Luggage Reclaim - Customs - Enter greeting hall

International Departure Procedures: Checkin - Luggage Delivery - Getting Boarding Card - Quarantine - Customs - Immigration - Security Check - Waiting and Boarding

International Flight Transfer Counter:
 In the West of Arrival Hall on the Second Floor of the terminal

Domestic Flight Transfer Counter: 
  In the West of Arrival Hall on the Second Floor of terminal 
 Transfer Area In the middle of the terminal concourse on the Second Floor 

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