Shanghai Art and Fashion

Shanghai is the leader in Fashion in China. Fashion is on the lips of everyone in Shanghai. After Milan, Paris, London and New York, Shanghai is going to claim and candidate to become the Oriental Fashion Capital. Since it was opened as a commercial port in 1843, Shanghai, became one of the first cities that were exposed to Western thoughts and fashion. It is the first city daring to try something new.

Here, we are trying to introduce you to a modern Shanghai, a fashion Shanghai.

  • Art Center: M50 Art Center, Shanghai's artist community. It is a thriving artists' quarter and is known as one of the most well-known creative spaces in Shanghai.
  • Culture Festival: Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival is held every year in Shanghai and shows you why Shanghai is China's fashion capital.
  • Fashion Symbol of Shanghai: Qipao, display Shanghai women's graceful manner. Today, Qipao is also the modern designer's fashion icon.

    Shanghai Art and FashionShanghai Art and Fashion

Experience of Shanghai Fashion Culture

M50 Art Community

  • Ancient factories 
  • Morden artworks 
  • Home of many artists 
  • Shanghai art community

M50 Art Community is known as Shanghai's art center, from where you can see the ancient factories of old Shanghai, and feel the art atmosphere through the works of the artists here. It is a thriving artists' quarter and is known as one of the most well-known creative spaces in Shanghai.

Address: No 50, Moganshan Road, on the south bank of Suzhou Creek, Putuo District.

It is a place on the must-visit list for art lovers. However, China Odyssey Tours design a sample itinerary to satisfy your needs. You can take a modern Shanghai tour to explore this Art community.

Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival - Showcase of Shanghai Fashion

  • Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival is a fashion event held annually.
  • It is one of the Four Festivals in Shanghai (the other three are the Shanghai Art Festival, Shanghai Tour Festival, and Shanghai Movie and Television Festival).
  • It was organized by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1995. There are hundreds of media, websites, magazines have attended and reported the festival every year.
  • The fashion festival showcases the output of Shanghai's fashion and textile industry and the purpose of the festival is to promote communication and cooperation with the world.

Shanghai Qipao (Cheongsam) - Fashion Symbol of Shanghai

  • It is said that Qipao is the earliest fashion for women in Shanghai.
  • Qipao, also called Cheongsam, is not your average dress. Most Westerners living in Shanghai love to have a few Cheongsams that come in a range of vivid colors with eye-catching embroidery.
  • For more details please click and keep reading. How to select Cheongsam? Where to tailor-make quality Qipao? 

    Shanghai QipaoShanghai Qipao

Tianzifang Art Street - Fashion in Linong (shanghai hutong)

  • Tianzifang is at the lanes of Taikang Road. It developed from a local residence area - Linong (which means hutong ) to a new art zone. The Taikang Road is an area where artist gathers in downtown Shanghai. Then even without people noticing, the lanes along Taikan Road developed into a new attraction.
  • Address: No 210, Taikang Road, DaPu Bridge, Luwan District.
  • Most of the rooms are galleries and art shops there. If you have a very different feel from either the Xintiandi (it is too modern) or the M50 in Moganshan Road (it is too artistic).

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