As the biggest city in China, the environment of Shanghai is quite nice. Streets are well organized and clean. Although the city was occupied by many highrise buildings, there are still some unique and traditional houses in out of the way places. The fact that Shanghai is a huge city makes it difficult to get around from point A to point B, just like in any other big cities around the world, it is easy to get lost.


Generally speaking, Shanghai is a safe city to stay. Some might consider the security of Shanghai is the best in China.

Usually, staying out late won’t be a problem in the city center. But it would be wise not to go to the dark back streets during the mid night.
Be cautions at the place like train station, subway and bus station, putting your bag tightly with you will be a good idea.
Local people recommend not going to the north part of Shanghai, like Putuo District, Hongkou District, and Yangpu District, during the night time, for the street lights at those areas are not bright enough. However, the streets like Nanjing Road wouldn’t be a problem.

Emergency Numbers :

Medical first aid: 120
Police: 110
General query: 114
Fire alarm: 119

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