Shanghai Seafood Restaurant

Some incredibly tasty, moreish, and addictive crustaceans are called Xiao Long Xia (little lobsters) and Da Zha Xie (Chinese mitten crab/hairy crab). These delectable morsels were served by the trayful and customers were given a pair of disposable gloves and various dipping sauces. Once you have a taste of them, you can’t stop at one. Don’t miss the good season for tasting seafood: from May to June and from October to February.

Little Lobster (Xiao Long Xia)

Recommended Xiao Long Xia Restaurant:

Ju Dian Restaurant, No.689 An Long Road (at the corner of Xian Xia Road). Tel: 021 - 6291 3677. They have the best Little Lobster (It is very fresh), but you need a reservation at first. And the dining environment is not so good. Stuff cannot speak English, so please ask your tour guide to help you. It is good to dine with your friends. Good Luck!

Dong Dong Lobster, No.61190 Zao Xi Road (near Da Pu Road), Tel: 021 - 6303 8776. Feature: clean lobster, not that spicy.

Xiang Man Tang Restaurant, No.1438 Xie Tu Road (near Da Mu Qiao Road). Tel: 021 - 6443 4484. Feature: Fresh Lobster is easy to cut out of the intestine. A miserable restaurant without air conditioning.

Bai Wei Shou Bo Lobster Restaurant, No.1096 Yuyuan Road (near Jiang Su Road). Tel: 021 - 6213 4658. Feature: clean lobster. It looks like the street vendors.

Xiang Ba Dao Little Lobster, No.23 Shouning Road (near Tibet Nan Road). Tel: 021 - 6336 6446. Feature: they have "bigger" little lobsters with good taste. It is very popular so people line up to buy lobster.

Yu Garden Market, ShanghaiYu Garden Market, Shanghai

Chinese Mitten Crab (Da Zha Xie)

Recommended Restaurant for Da Zha Xie:

Fang Liang Crab Restaurant, No.1591 Hongqiao Road (No.7 building Hongqiao Hotel). Tel: 021 - 6322 3978. The most famous crab restaurant in Shanghai. Each dish is about crab with different prices and amazing taste. Yes, it is expensive - $120/person. Recommend: crab meat with shark fins, liquor-saturated crab, fired crabsticks with asparagus, steamed crab.

Cheng Long Hang Crab Restaurant, No.216 Jiu Jiang Road ( at the corner of Henan Zhong Road), Tel: 021 - 6321 2010. Feature: A Chinese-style restaurant with elegant decorations to show you the Jiangnan Culture and beauties. A Chinese beauty is playing the Chinese lute or Gu Zheng there.

Wang Bao He Restaurant, No.603 Fuzhou Road (near Zhejiang Zhong Road). Tel: 021 - 6322 3673. Feature: one of the most famous crab restaurants in Shanghai with quality crab dishes and classical architecture. Recommend: Fried crab meat with Doufu, Da Zha Xie(steamed crab). 

Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup (or shark's fin soup) is a Chinese soup that has been a popular item of Chinese cuisine since the Ming Dynasty, usually served at special occasions such as weddings and banquets, or as a luxury item in Chinese culture. 

Famous Restaurant for Shark Fin Soup in Shanghai:

Ya Xin Shark Fin, No.60 Xin Hua Road (near Huai Hai Xi Road). Tel:021-6280 2353. Delicious! One of the best Shark Fin Restaurants in Shanghai. Recommend: Braised Superior Shark’s Fin in Brown Sauce, abalone, and mutton chop.

Thailand Village Shark Fin, No.660 Xinhua Road, 2nd floor, Wan Bao Hotel. Tel: 021-6282 8028. Restaurant elegance is sweet. It is also one of the best Shark Fin Restaurants in Shanghai, Recommend Shark Fin Soup in Pottery Pot, silver pout, Braised Goose Feet in Abalone Sauce, and Stir-Fried Seafood Rice.

Yu Chi Lao Fan (Shark’s Fin in Soup with Stewed Rice) Restaurant, No.1168 Nanjing Xi Road, 5th floor, Tai Fu Building. Tel:021-5292 8588. One of the best Restaurants for Shark’s Fin in Soup with Stewed Rice in Shanghai. Recommend: Shark’s Fin in Soup with Stewed Rice, goose liver, bird's nest tart, wood frog’s fallopian tube.

Other Seafood Restaurants with Delicious Food in Shanghai

Really Good Seafood, No.123 Xingye Road, Xin Tian Di. Tel: 021-6387 9797. This simply decorated establishment lives up to its name, serving a plethora of fresh and well-prepared seafood, ranging from abalone and shark fin soup to barbecued clams and oysters. Many of these options are offered in well-priced set meals. Satisfy seafood cravings without leaving a dent in your wallet. Recommend: steamed garoupa, Spring Rolls Stuffed with Shrimp, shark fin soup, mutton chop, abalone, XO Sauce, and Fried Shrimp with Spicy Salt.

Xin Hua Cheng Seafood Hot Pot, No.58 Dong Hu Road, near Huai Hai Zhong Road. Tel: 021-6209 8187. Recommend: marbled beef, abalone, shark fin soup, Dongxing Sea Bass.

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