Xin Tian Di (Shi Ku Door) - Traditional Shanghai Buildings

Xintiandi is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. This is an area to wine, dine and chill out.

  • Xintiandi is an outdoor mall development which incorporates traditional stone buildings (shikumen or shikudoor) and a modern shopping center. It is famous for its concept of construction. It retains the antique walls, tiles and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai, while its interior embodies a totally different world of an international gallery, bars and cafes, boutiques or theme restaurants.
  • The Shikumen, or literally "stone gate" is a style of housing in Shanghai, which blended features of east and west. The Shikudoor architectural style has become the most distinctive feature of the folk house construction in Shanghai.
  • Most of these constructions distributed in Huangpu district and Xuhui district.

Historical & Culture Background

  • Generally, the old lanes in Shanghai are of the Shi Ku Door architectural style, they derived from the Taiping rebellion Period(AD1851?1864), in the turmoil of war, the merchant princes, landlords and bureaucrats from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces were forced to settle their families in the foreign concessions for seeking sanctuary, therefore, the foreign house merchants began to build houses in bulk.
  • In the 1920s-1930s, the enclosed construction style was mainly of the leading feature of Shanghai houses, not that exacting in sculpture but that quarrying the simple style. The houses with multi-doors became with a single door. So the Shi Ku Door style with the mingling of Sino-West style came with the tide of fashion, and this construction has been largely absorbed the folk house styles in Jiangnan (areas south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River).
  • The doorframes of this construction are made of the stone materials and its door leaves are solid slab painted black, and so this construction style got the name-"Shi Ku Door".

Tour Features
-What is special there?

When you walk into Xintiandi, you will get the taste both of Shanghai in the 1920s and the sonic modern lifestyle of urbanites of the 21st century.

  • Appreciate Shanghai Architecture 
  • Enjoy Shanghai Nightlife 


Pudong area, near Huangpo South Road and Taichuan Road

- how to get there?

  • By subway: take Line 1, and get off at Huangpo South Rd. Station.

Visiting Time
- How long should I stay there?
- When is the best time to visit there?

Some people felt that spending half a day there, was just enough.

    • During the day time: you can appreciate and take some pictures of the traditional stone buildings Shi Ku Door.
      • At night, it becomes an entertainment complex.

Costs/ Entrance Tickets

Absolutely free, but the things there are a little bit expensive.

Review & Tips
- What do tour experts/visitors say about this place?

      • If you are looking for a relaxing dinner or afternoon coffee time, then you should come to Xintiandi. ( Quote from Trip Advisor )
      • This is one entertainment complex you shouldn't miss. They have a wide variety of places to hang out in. From coffee shops to discos to bars with bands. (Quote from Trip Advisor )
      • Xintiandi is one of the nicest areas to go at night. (Quote from Trip Advisor )
      • It is a very creative development and there are plenty of bars within the two blocks area. It was interesting to see how this area is turned into an upscale westernized commercial block but yet retaining the facade of the old Shanghai. (Quote from Trip Advisor )
      • If you're visiting Shanghai - you have to drop by this place - just to get a feel of how cosmopolitan Shanghai has become. (Quote from Trip Advisor )

Tours with this attraction

      • If you are interested in taking a Shanghai tour with a visit to Xintiandi; if you need a private tour and an English speaking tour guide to show you around Shanghai; China Odyssey Tours is here and ready to help.

Sample China tours including a visit to Xintiandi:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to explore China in your way. 

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