Changing - Face Opera

Changing-face performance is a stunt used to figure a character in Sichuan Opera Art. It is a romantic art way to open out the character's emotional feelings. It is said that changing-face performance dates from ancient times. In order to be against fierce wild animals, people draw different designs on their faces to scare wild animals. Now, the changing face has become a famous art in the world. Don't miss it when you tour Chengdu.

When we enjoy a changing-face performance in Chuan Opera, we are always amazed at different facial make-ups that are changed fast and mysteriously. In fact, it is set up in advance. The various facial make-ups are drawn on sheets of silk and each sheet of silk is tied with a silk thread and then pasted on the performer’s face one by one. The silk threads are tied to a hidden place in the performer’s clothes. With the development of the action, the facial make-up is torn down one by one. Changing-face performance is difficult to learn. Once a small sector goes wrong, the performance is a failure.

Changing-face performance is a stunt in Chuan Opera. It is now used for reference by other operas in China. It also goes around the world. Wherever it goes, it is always the crystal of Chinese people's wisdom. 

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