Lover Locks on Mt. Huangshan - Contemporary Love Stories

While doing your Huangshan tours, you may see lots of concentric lover locks on the guard bars and iron chains. It has become a particularly attracting scenery at Mt. Huangshan. On locking the concentric locks, lovers will throw the key into the cliff, then, their love will eternal, never leave each other.

There is a legend about the lover locks on Mt. Huangshan. A long time ago, a beautiful girl fell in love with a poor young man, but her father didn't want her daughter to live a poor life. The father let his daughter marry a rich man. On the day of the wedding, the poor young man stole the girl and they ran away to the Huangshan Mountain. In that situation, they held hands and jumped into the deep cliff. Their wonderful dialogue kills people's minds - "I have the same mind with you, faithful to you, I have my infatuation for you, and never change my mind".

If you have a chance to climb Mt. Huangshan, do not miss the scenery - lots of concentric lover locks which record thousands of couples' forever love. Their love is locked because they threw two keys that can open the lock into the deep gulf. No one can cop out on. Who has such kind of bravery and promise for a lifetime? With the witness of blue sky, white clouds, and beautiful Mt. Huangshan, the couples' love must be ever-lasting.

Except for the concentric lover locks for people's love of fidelity, there are also locks for a family's happiness and locks for a kid's health. People put the concentric locks on Mt. Huangshan, praying for love, happiness, health, etc.

No matter it is new or old; each concentric lock has an impressive story. Maybe the names on the locks are no longer clear, but their love is no doubt eternal.

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