Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet Travel Guide

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No doubt, Tibet is the dreamland for all travelers, including you and me. For most travelers, their Tibet tours start from Lhasa. Here we open Tibet's window and cast first curious glance into the unknown mystery. Ahead await the spectacle and dignity of Potala Palace, the very devout pilgrimage and whispering prayer in the holy Jokhang Temple, the exoticism and hustle-bustle in the Barkhor Street. Why all these seem so surreal? Probably because of the slightly accelerating heartbeats, LOL-trust me, your body gets used to high altitude faster than you think you are. Oh, Genus! Lhasa, here I am, Tibet-the roof of the world, here I come.

Tips: Tibet has its own regulation on foreign travelers. You need a qualified Chinese travel company who help arrange all your tour programs in Tibet and get you a Tibet Travel Permit. For some reasons, Tibet closes its door from time to time, so it’s suggested to plan earlier and find yourself an experienced travel consultant.

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