As in all major cities in China, major cities in Tibet have a variety of hotels for visitors ranging from one to four stars. Each of Tibet's hotels will offer their guests the hospitality that Tibet is famous for.

Visitors spending the night in Tibet's major cities, Lhasa, Tsedang, Shigatse, Naqu and Gyantse, can stay in star graded hotels, but outside of the major cities, visitors should be prepared to sleep in simple guesthouses whose amenities vary greatly. It is recommended that visitors planning on staying in the guesthouses bring their own sleeping bags and toilet paper.

The prices of Tibet's star graded hotels are relatively high, especially during the peak tourism season, due to the influx of visitors pouring into Tibet. In the off-seasons, the prices are much lower, and the prices for the guesthouses located in the suburban areas range from 20rmb to 60rmb.

Recently, it has become popular for visitors to Tibet to spend the night in a local family's home or go camping overnight. Camping is popular because of its flexibility and more affordable price. Visitors who do intend to camp out must be able to handle the often harsh environment of Tibet. In Lhasa, tents are available for rent, and prices vary according to a season, and size and quality of the tents. For safety's sake, China Odyssey Tours recommends that visitors to Tibet do not stay in local homes or camp outside.

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