China Golden Triangle Tours

China Golden Triangle Tours

Beijing Xi'an Shanghai tours - most classic golden triangle in China's tourism

Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai are known as the Golden Triangle of China Tours, for their symbolic meaning represented China's today, past, and future, bringing you the essence of China. A more complete China tour can be easily extended from a golden triangle tour, because these three cities are China's major transportation hubs, and geographically draws an equilateral triangle in the middle of China.

Suggested trip ideas:

A tour visiting Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai normally takes 8 days in China. You may take the following suggestions to extend your golden triangle tour:

  • 2 extra days extend to China's most scenic city Guilin;
  • 5 extra days to connect a Yangtze River cruise;
  • Extra 3 days or a week to Shanghai's nearby regions: classic garden city Suzhou, China's most beautiful mountain Huangshan, or heavenly city Hangzhou.

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