12 Interesting Facts About Guangxi

Guangxi in southern China is a splendid land suitable for any vacation. Want to know more about it? Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the name meaning and history, cuisine, highlights, ethnic minorities, etc. of Guangxi.

1. Guangxi means "Western Expanse".

"Guang" means "expanse" or "vast", and "xi" means "west". Guangxi is abbreviated from Guangnan Xilu (literally means "vast southwest region"), a name used from the Song Dynasty.

2. As its name suggests, Guangxi is relatively expansive.

It covers an area of 236,700 square kilometers / 91,390 square miles and boasts a coastline of 1,500 kilometers / 932 miles in the south.

3. Its abbreviation "Gui" ("桂" in Chinese) comes from the name of the city of Guilin ("桂林" in Chinese).

4. The name Guilin means "Forest of Sweet Osmanthus".

It comes from the large quantity of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees in this region.

5. As the saying goes, "East or west, Guilin's scenery is the best!"

Guilin is a world-renowned travel destination famed for its spectacular karst scenery, which has been shaped by erosion and weathering over millions of years. Cruising along the famous Li River or cycling in the tranquil countryside of Yangshuo is the recommended way to admire the fantastic karst landscape.

6. Guangxi is rich in breathtaking natural landscapes, as it is located in mountainous terrain.

Green hills, blue rivers, and fresh air are almost everywhere in Guangxi. In addition to karst scenery, Longji Rice Terraces, Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Village, Weizhou Island are wonderful places not to be missed.

7. Guangxi has unique underground wonders.

In Guilin, you can venture into many brilliant karst caves, like Reed Flute Cave and Silver Cave, to marvel at their various exquisite stalactites and stalagmites illuminated by colorful lights. While at Leye-Fengshan UNESCO Global Geopark and Tongling Grand Canyon, you can explore the mysterious underground tunnels, caves, streams, skylights, and subterranean forests.

Guangxi has too much to offer, for planning a wonderful Guangxi tour, read: What to See in Guangxi: Guilin and More.

8. Guangxi is home to the largest number of ethnic minorities in China, with more than 40 ethnic minorities living here.

Guangxi has a population of 56 million, with over 20 million being ethnic minorities, accounting for about 38% of its population, among which about 32% are Zhuang, China's most populous ethnic minority, 3% are Yao, 1% are Miao, and 0.7% is Dong. Guangxi is inhabited by over 14 million Zhuang people, making up about 90% of the Zhuang population in China, hence its full name – Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

9. Guangxi offers chances to learn about the age-old customs and traditions of many ethnic minorities, like the Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, etc.

These ethnic minority people have preserved their ancient cultural traditions and have distinctive features in their food, costumes, customs, festivals, etc. For example, the Zhuang people are reputed for singing folk songs; the Yao people are good at dancing; the Miao people boast many grand festivals; the Dong people are famous for their magnificent architecture, such as wind and rain bridges and drum towers. Click to learn about the traditional festivals of the ethnic minorities in Guangxi: Top 8 Traditional Festivals of Guangxi, China.

10. Diversity is the distinctive feature of Guangxi cuisine, delighting in lightness, sourness, and spiciness.

A signature, must-try dishes include Guilin Rice Noodles, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Liuzhou Luosifen, Yao People's Oil Tea, Nanning Sour Pickles, Lemon Duck, etc. Liquan Beer brewed in Guilin is also worth a try. For more information about Guangxi cuisine, you may read A Bite of Guangxi: Guilin Rice Noodles and More.

11. Guangxi has a very long history, as some of the earliest known humans lived here as far back as 700,000 years ago.

12. From Guangxi, you can easily travel to Vietnam by train or road, and vice-versa.

Guangxi is bordered by Vietnam in the southwest. So, a multi-country tour is also a great choice.

Want to explore Guangxi after knowing these interesting facts about it? You are welcome to contact us at to tell us your trip idea and interests. We will help plan a Guangxi tour for you accordingly.

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