Xi'an Travel Guide

Xi'an Travel Guide

Xi'an travel guide & travel ideas

I bet Terracotta Warriors and Horses sounds familiar to you. Xi'an, where the Army locates, is one of world's top four ancient capitals, a must for first-time travelers to China. If you are planning on a Xi'an tour, feel free to expect more since you are about to travel to the place where Chinese civilization flourished and reached its climax.

Beyond the Terracotta Army, we have the best-preserved Ancient City Wall, the iconic Big Wild Goose Pagoda which directed by monk Xuan Zang, fabulous Tang Dynasty Show, etc. Oh! Do count the Jiaozi Banquet in, I never knew Jiaozi could have almost 20 different flavors and be presented in such an exquisite way.

The night is still young, how about a time journey back to 1400 years ago? Wander along the Great Tang All Day Mall, the glamour and prosperity of the Tang Dynasty are out there waiting for you.

Most historical relics of Xi'an are related to the imperial family or Buddhism. For folk cultures, I suggest going to Hu County to see peasant paintings - deep-rooted in folk cultures like drama, dance, fete, etc. The paintings are of rustic and artistic charm.

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