Chinese Calligraphy in Xi'an

About Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters. It is one of the most ancient arts, as old as the invention of Chinese characters. Tools for Chinese calligraphy are not the common pens or paper but the unique writing brush, rice paper (Xuan paper), Chinese ink, and ink stone. Well-written calligraphy is not only aesthetical but, some say, with the calligraphist's soul in it. If you're interested in taking a class, China Odyssey Tours can help arrange one for your Xi'an tours.

The Greatest Calligraphy Works in Xi'an

Chinese Calligraphy can be characterized by many traditional schools, among them, Changan (the historic name of Xi'an) school is one of the most influential schools. Since ancient times, many calligraphy masterpieces of those regarded as the greatest calligraphists were carved on stone steles. This tradition provides people living today a chance to appreciate these precious cultural legacies.

Xi'an Forest of Stone Steles Museum initially established in AD 1087, has some of the most valuable calligraphy collections in China. You will see some of the greatest Chinese calligraphy art, including the works of Wang Xizhi (303 AD - 361 AD, whose works are regarded as the highest artistic value) and Yan Zhenqing (709 AD - 785 AD, who is regarded as the most influential calligraphist in Chinese history).

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