Origin of the Textile Town Art District

The Textile Town Art District is located in Xi'an's eastern suburb. The area is called the textile town by locals where many textile factories built since the 1950s. As a result of China's economic reform, many obsolete textile factories were closed down and the workers had been relocated, leaving the plants empty. Initially, a couple of young graduates from art schools are eager to run their own studio but could not afford to rent the expensive place, so the abandoned factory buildings became their best possible choice. As more artists gradually gathered in the textile town, the art district was formed.


What to See in the Textile Town Art District

There are over 50 art studios now in the textile town art district, where you will see many contemporary artworks of young Chinese artists. Many of these artworks are creative, amusing, great maybe, and sometimes raw, or not making sense at all. The textile town art district is comparable to the 798 art district in Beijing, and the 1933 art district in Shanghai, where you can look into the mind of the Chinese young generation. Visiting it adds another flavor to your Xi'an tours.


Travel Tips:

1) Approx. 12 km away from the city center of Xi'an;
2) Register at the art district entrance is required;
3) Talking in low voice is appreciated in the art studios. 

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