Best Travel Time to Tour the Yangtze

A cruise down the awe-inspiring Yangtze River is a must for any visitor to China. The best times to visit are April - May and September - October. This is also the height of the Yangtze River cruise season. At these times of the year, the weather is warm and mild, and flight schedules are stable. Of course, since this is the peak time for Yangtze River Cruises it can be difficult to book a reservation, and all of the cruises will be crowded.

June - August is also a good time to book a Yangtze River cruise. The weather is a bit hotter, but since all cruise ships are air-conditioned, it will still be quite comfortable. There are also benefits to booking a cruise during this period. Booking costs will be lower, and the cruises will be less crowded. December-March is bitterly cold, and the number of ships that cruise the river is almost non-existent.

Almost anytime can be a great time to travel down the Yangtze River. The most popular times are spring and autumn because the weather is cool and comfortable. These are the high seasons of travel with many people and higher ticket prices. See more in our Yangtze travel tips.

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