Cultural Activities Onboard

On board your Yangtze River cruise ship, there will be a variety of activities designed especially for our guests. Besides the regular on-shore excursions, we organize various colorful programs and shows. Each China Regal Cruise ship's venues will be different. Some ships feature dong and dance shows, an introduction to Chinese culture, and lectures on the three gorges, Chinese Majiang, calligraphy, Chinese cuisine, Taiji, and traditional Chinese kites. There are several ships that feature lectures on Chinese history and traditions, Chinese medicine, and Chinese dancing classes.

Through these programs and the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River, our guests will better understand the Yangtze River's local culture and history.

Welcome Party

The captain and crew will welcome guests with a party. The crew members will perform folk dances and traditional music for the guests. Dinner and drinks will be provided. At the end of the party, the captain will toast the guests, and all will be welcomed onboard. During the party, guests can have their photos taken with the captain.

Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts. It is mysterious and slow. It brings peace and health to the mind and body. It does not have the swift and violent moves found in other forms of martial arts. Every guest on board the China Regal Cruise will have a chance to practice this ancient art. Lessons are held each morning and will be taught by a trained Tai Chi master. Each lesson lasts twenty to thirty minutes.

Mahjong (Majiang)

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that uses tiles. The staff on board will offer instructions on how to play the game. It is amazingly addictive and fun. It is a game that can be learned in a short time but will take a lifetime to master. Feel free to play this exciting game with your friends or with the ship's crew.

In Cabin Movie

The in-cabin movie will be a Chinese blockbuster. Each movie will be either English-dubbed or have English subtitles. The in-cabin movie will change according to the season.

Chinese Herbal Facial

A traditional Chinese Herbal Facial is the perfect way to pamper yourself and let your troubles fade away. Your Chinese Herbal Facial will be given by a trained masseuse

Chinese Shadow Puppets

Chinese Shadow Puppets have a history that goes back thousands of years. A shadow puppet show was one of the staples of ancient Chinese entertainment. The show consists of puppets made of thin leather controlled behind a white cloth. The light from behind makes their shadows appear on the cloth. On your cruise, master puppeteers will show how this amazing art is performed.

Chinese Traditional Painting

On your cruise, you will get a chance to see how traditional Chinese paintings are created.

Tour of the Bridge

If you are lucky, you will get a chance to tour the ship's bridge and see how these huge vessels are controlled.

Chinese folk Dance Demonstrations

Crew members will demonstrate local folk dances. Different Chinese minority dances will be demonstrated for your enjoyment.

Chinese Vegetable Carving

A master chef will demonstrate traditional Chinese vegetable carving. You can watch while a carrot is transformed into a flying dragon chasing a pearl. It is really amazing art.

Farewell Performance

To say goodbye to their guests, the ship's crew will put on a final performance. This performance will feature more song and dance performances. The farewell performance is the way the crew says thank you for taking your Yangtze River cruise with them.

Each guest can choose any or all of the programs that interest them. Of course, each guest can choose to forego these activities and simply relax. Feel free to read a book in the library, have a massage, or play chess or card games.

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