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Orient Royal Cruises

Orient Royal Cruises Ltd.
Orient Royal Cruises, based in Hubei Province, is a leading cruise company that is on the first list of 5-star Yangtze fleets approved by the State Bureau of Tourism. Built to meet the need of luxurious authentic Yangtze Cruise, Orient Royal Cruises has a fleet of two luxurious ships: East King and East Queen. Currently only East Queen (renamed as Yangzi Explorer in 2008) is sailing on Yangtze River. Orient Royal Cruises adopts the western management and values every guest’ sailing experience. The management team is made up of friendly professionals, who have rich serving experiences and knows western culture and Chinese culture well. Many world-famous celebrities have enjoyed the great services of Orient Royal Cruises, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Henry Kissinger and Gerard Levin. Cruise on Yangzi Explorer, you will be amazed by the fabulous environment as well. It was designed by the top-level designers in the world. The famous France ship designer Anthony Dugdale designed the body of the ship, while the famous British designer Andrew Sobenko for the internal decoration. Take a Yangtze cruise with Orient Royal Cruises and you will know how great it is.

Recommended Ships

Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi Explorer

Maiden Voyage:

6733 T

Passenger Capacity:

Total Cabins:



Yichang - Chongqing

Chongqing - Yichang

More information about this ship.

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