Three Gorges Dam - the Great Wall Across Yangtze River

At 660 kilometers long, China's Three Gorges Dam is a great feat of engineering and a landscape of scenic beauty. Hailed as the 'Great Wall Spanning over the Yangtze River, it is the product of countless labors over a period of some 12 years. By the time the construction was completed in 2009 the dam had become the world's largest water conservancy project. Some 27 million cubic yards of concretes were used in the structure – just one of the many worlds records it made.

Three Gorges DamThree Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam is a massive project to protect China against deadly floods, which includes a river dam, spillway structures, many powerhouses, and buildings for navigation.  The dam is some 2.3 kilometers) long and 185 meters tall. The water level of the 660-km-long reservoir reaches 175 meters high above sea level, allowing large vessels and ships to cruise the river from Shanghai to Chongqing, on the upper reach of Yangtze.

Not only does the Three Gorges Dam bring benefits to farming, flood control, energy production, and water supplies, but also makes many attractions initially scattered around the three gorges more accessible, such as the Lesser Three Gorges, and Shennong Stream. Though the dam has flooded the three gorges that give it the name, it presents another spectacular wonder once conceived by Chairman Mao in his poem "Smooth Lake amid Deep Gorges", attracting travelers from around the world to admire the breathtaking beauty.

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