Yangtze Travel Tips - FAQ

How Do I Know Which Cruiser I Am Going to Take? And How Can I Get Onboard?

When you have decided to take a cruise with us, we will send you a confirmation letter with all the details of your tour including the name of the ship you will be taking. If you book a cruise package with us, it will include transportation to the pier and your personal guide will help you get onboard.

Do I Need a Ticket or a Coupon to Get on Board?

No, you do not need a ticket to board a ship. Your guide will help you get through the check-in procedure which is the same as a hotel's. When you get confirmed with us, your names will be input into the computer records onboard ship. You just need to show your passport when you check in at the Front Desk.

What Time Can Be on Board the Cruise?

It is better to board a ship after 5:00 pm. There is normally no service before that time.

Yangtze River CruiseYangtze River Cruise

Is There a Limit to How Many Pieces of Luggage I Can Bring Aboard?

There is no quantity limit. There are storage places in your cabin to store your luggage.

How Do I Get My Luggage Onboard the Ship?

When you have reached the pier you are boarding, you could pay a porter to carry your luggage to your cabin. There is a fee of about RMB ¥20 (USD $3) per piece.

How Do I Get My Luggage to My Cabin?

You can pay a porter to carry your luggage to your cabin. The cruise ship will have someone who will take your luggage to your room, and carry it off the ship for you at the end of the cruise. There is a fee of around RMB ¥5 (USD $1) per piece.

Do I Need to Ask for a Guide for Boarding?

Since Chongqing is a mountain city, there are many steep stone steps. We recommend that you book a guide through us to help you find your ship, and get your luggage onboard because the ships do not have designated piers because of the changes in water level. It might be difficult to find your ship on your own.

What Should I Do First After Boarding?

1. Identify the location of your cabin and find where emergency exits are located. This information is posted on a map inside your cabin.

2. Identify the location of life jackets in your cabin, and understand how to properly wear them.

3. There are many different activities for you onboard the ship. Find which activities interest you and arrange a schedule so you will not miss out on all the fun.

4. Get to know your tour guide and ask them any questions you might have. Their job is to help you.

5. Find the location of your seats in the restaurant. A seat is assigned for each traveler.

6. Find the location of entertainment facilities.

7. Store your valuables, especially your passport.

8. Have your clothes been laundered? Each ship has laundry facilities.

9. Familiarize yourself with the telephone numbers of the different ship's services.

10. If you need, to exchange your currency for Chinese RMB you can do so aboard a ship.

11. To take the best photos while on your Yangtze cruise, check out our photo-taking tips.

Special note for re-boarding the ship after shore excursions. There are several shore excursions during your Yangtze Cruise. Before disembarking for excursions, you will be given be a card which is the certificate for your re-boarding the ship. Losing the card, you will probably encounter re-boarding bothering or delays. So please take care of this card.

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