1. 1. What's the best time to take the Yangtze Cruise? 

      Most parts of the Yangtze River have subtropical climates and due to high cliffs, the narrow valley areas are often humid and cool with insufficient sunshine. The average temperature reaches 30C in July and lowers to 10C in January. Thunderstorms and heavy rains can be common in the summertime while winter is often short and cold. Spring and autumn are the best time to take a Yangtze Cruise and visit the Three Gorges as the weather are often delightful and the scenery is at its best.

    1. 2. Will I have the services of your private tour guide while on board? 

      As the onboard activities and excursions are offered by the cruise company, your private tour guide will not go with you on the cruise however they will help you with boarding and pick you up after you disembark. Professional English-speaking guides are available onboard.

    1. 3. Are there any extra fees onboard the ship?

      Some onboard services like massage, hairdressing, laundry, and alcoholic beverages charge extra fees.

    1. 4. Can I smoke onboard? 

      Considering the safety and fire factors, do not smoke in public areas or in your cabin. You can smoke at the observation deck or designated smoking area.

    1. 5. Can we take the children with us on the cruise??

      Of course, you can. We feel that a visit to China is a wonderful chance for children to explore the world. Some cruise ships provide baby strollers, child chairs, and child care, and some even have a child's playroom. On some cruise ships, you can share a cabin with your children and some may ask for an additional charge for the addition of a child's bed. You can ask your travel consultant for details when you book a cruise with China Odyssey Tours.

    1. 6. Can I bring my own beverage or alcohol on board? 

      Yes, you can. But you are only allowed to enjoy the soft or hard drinks you brought inside your cabin.

    1. 7. Can I bring my pet with me on board? 
      The cruise companies do not allow it. You need to make arrangements for your pet before you make the cruise.

    1. 8. Should I tip on the Yangtze Cruise? And how?

      Yes, a fee of 150 RMB per guest will be charged at the boarding time by the cruise company as a service charge, which will be recorded into your bill before you disembark. If you wish to tip any staff member who has provided a special service for you may do so at your own discretion.

  1. 9. Is the route of Yangtze Cruise all going from Chongqing to Yichang and vice versa? 

    The route of all cruisers that we use goes Chongqing to Yichang and vice versa. Besides, the Century Diamond sometimes offers the route of Chongqing to Wuhan and vice versa, the Victoria Sophia launches the route of Chongqing to Shanghai and vice versa. 

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