About the Ship Service

    1. 1. What's the cabin like on ships? 

      Basic facilities like satellite color TV, central air conditioning, acoustics, IDD, private bathroom, hairdryer and extension phones can be found in all the cabins. All cruise ships have staterooms, some with balconies. Presidential suites and deluxe suites are available in most 4-star and 5-star cruise liners.

    1. 2. Can we have a cabin with balcony? 

      We will do our best to meet your every need, but not all of the staterooms have balconies. Most Victoria Cruisers and President Serial vessels have staterooms with balconies, except Victoria Rose, President No. 2 and President No.3. Usually, staterooms with balconies are a little more expensive on some ships. If you would like further details please feel free to contact one of our tour consultants.

    1. 3. Is it possible to have a single room if I travel alone? 

      Not all ships are equipped with single rooms. Check with your travel consultant before you make the booking, we’ll try our utmost to insure a comfortable stay for you.

    1. 4. Can I request an extra bed if needed?

      Cabins of cruisers are usually smaller than that of hotels in terms of size. An extra bed would take more room thus causing inconvenience for your movement. Please discuss details with your travel consultant for further advice.

    1. 5. Can the staff on ships speaking English?

      Most of the onboard staff can speak English. For all the 4-5 star ships, there is an English-Chinese bilingual broadcasting system. The ship's tour guide can absolutely speak English.

    1. 6. Do I need to bring a plug adaptor along? 

      Cruisers use 220V and 100V outlets. If you need one, please contact the steward division for help.

    1. 7. What kind of food will be served on board? 

      Breakfast lunch and dinner onboard ship will be served with Chinese and Western style buffet. Beverage includes in each meal (Sprite, Coke, juice, tea, and hote water, etc.) 

    1. 8. What is the meals arrangement on board? Can we order private meals? 

      In most cases, Western and Chinese buffets are offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time, a la carte menu is also available for the three main meals. 
      Private meals or meals on special request can be made with additional fees.

    1. 9. Is there drinkable water offered on board?

      One bottle of water is provided for per person per day in your room. In addition, electric kettle is available.

    1. 10. Are there laundry services on board? 

      The answer is positive. Garments sent before 9am can be done on the same day while those sent after 9am will be done the following day.

    1. 11. Can I get medical help on the cruiser? 

      Yes. There are professional medical crew on board to provide medical care and advice on health. Medications for common flu and disease of digestive system are also available. Please make sure you bring enough amounts of prescribed medications for your own health for they cannot be found on the ship.

    1. 12. Is there Internet access or telephone on the cruiser? 

      Yes. There are also conference equipments available, such as fax, computers, simultaneous translation, typing and photocopying, etc.. However, price of such service could be higher than that of on land so it's suggested bring your own cell phone along.

    1. 13. Does the Cruise offer international telephone service? 

      Not all cruisers offer this service, only 5-star ones like the Century cruisers, Victoria cruisers do.

      1. 14. Are there shops for visitors?

        Shops specialized in daily goods and foods are available on the cruiser. The inventory is not perfect so please have everything packed before embarking.

        Tourist shops can be found at scenic spots along the Yangtze River. Bargain is acceptable for traditional arts and handicrafts.

    1. 15. Are the hairdryer available in each Cruise? 
      5-star cruisers are equipped with hairdryers at bathrooms. It's advised check with your travel consultant beforehand. 

  • 16. Can we exchange the currency in the Cruise? 

    Yes, 5-star Cruises offer this service. Visitors can have USD and EUR exchanged based on the exchange rate of Bank of China without additional fees.

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