Nu River Yunnan - Extraordinarily Spectacular

The section of Nujiang which is located in Yunnan Province surges ahead between the Gaoligong Mountain and the Biluo Snow Mountain, which are both at an average altitude of over 3000 meters. Due to huge drops and rapid torrents, the river appears extraordinarily spectacular. With dangerous cliffs on both mountains, the river gallops towards the south like a horse with a huge water discharge 1.6 times that of the Yellow River every year on average, striking out an oriental grand canyon combining imposing and steep mountains and a deep valley.

Along the mountains runs a varying current, which in some places is calm and in others is swift. The waterfalls atop the mountain and halfway down the stretch of the river also vary in current from fast-moving rapids to tranquil pools.

Walking through the gorge, you can enjoy the view of high mountains, blue skies, and white clouds. The gorge stretches from its narrowest point, only 20 to 30 meters, to the widest point, about 100 meters.

In the valley, there are luxuriant forests as if in hot summer, on the hillside there are beautiful flowers and yellow grass enjoying their spring or autumn days, while the top of the mountain is completely a snow-capped winter view. The view is so enrapturing that a stroll through this part of the mountain makes one feel as if walking on clouds.

Nujiang is a mysterious river. There are various kinds of bridges that lie across it, including ancient vine bridges, iron chain bridges, and modern reinforced cement bridges. Sliding along the bridge is an interesting and exciting experience. The vine or chain bridges are tied to stone anchors on each of the two banks. People secure themselves with a rope, holding to the chain with a bamboo hook or a pulley, then slide to the opposite bank. Sometimes, the local people also bring their farming or fishing equipment and goats with them to slide across the bridge.

People of the Region

Halfway up the mountain are villages of the Lisu and Nu people. The ethnic people there are simple, honest, and hospitable. They are good at singing and dancing.

Nu Minority Nationality of China - With only 25,000 members the Nu Nationality is one of China's smallest and only lives in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. The Preservation Project takes place mainly in their homeland on the Nu River, named after these ancient people.

Li Zu (Lisu) Minority Nationality of China - Their people have legal dominion over the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, over 300 miles along the Burmese border and the Upper Nu River canyons.

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