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Odyssey Travel Consultant Andy Xie’s Home Page

Travel Consultant:Andy Xie

My name is Andy Xie. I am living in the picturesque city of Guilin, Guangxi Province.

I have been working for China Odyssey Tours for more than three years. Main work of mine is to communicate with clients and to do my utmost to assist and make their dream of a perfect China tour come true.

Sincerely, I hope I can provide more and more clients with invaluable help through the Internet and our trustworthy online service. Your dream is my dream! Your satisfaction is my greatest honor!

You are welcome to China!



Reviews of China Odyssey Tours' Service:

Clients:Swee L      from:Malaysia    November 29th, 2016

Our first time with China Odyssey was for Xian tour 2014, Sept. Chengdu in March 2016 is our 2nd time so that should speak for itself. The company is reliable, reputable and will accommodate our requests to the best of their ability. Planning is a coordinate effort as it was a private tour with special itinerary which was suggested and adjusted to suit us. Our tour consultant, Andy, was very patient and tried to accommodate us in our planning.
Chengdu was a memorable trip indeed. We are considering Jiuzhaigo end of next year and will give China Odyssey our plans and hope we are able to make it.

Clients:China1919      from:United States of America    November 28th, 2016

We booked 4 nights in Beijing with Odyssey Tours and were delighted and impressed from start to finish. Our guide Serena was outstanding! She spoke excellent English and more importantly was friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible! I selected an out-of-the-way hotel in the hutong area of Beijing, which was not easy to find, but Serena turned it into one of the many great adventures of our time with her. She never rushed us, and she allowed us to wander and explore in ways that you never have the opportunity to do with a large group. I highly recommend Odyssey Tours for China and if you can get Serena as your guide, you will not be disappointed!

Clients:Hayat Guinand-mkinsi      from:Switzerland    November 7th, 2016

We spent 12 days in Vietnam with Odyssey tours. We were 2 people from Switzerland and 2 from Morocco .We visit this beautiful country from north to south with professional tour guides, good drivers . All the time , we could contact Andyxie if we had some questions.We already recommend Odyssey to our family and friends in Switzerland and Morocco. Thank you Andy. Next time we'l visit Japan or Tibet and China with Odyssey!

Clients:Elahe Radmaneshfar      from:Iran    November 1st, 2016

I strongly recommend Odyssey service to anyone looking to know China more. We had an amazing trip to China with a tailored made tour. We spent 17 days in China and in every city that we visit we had a professional tour guide, our trip was organised by Mr Andy Xie, and he helped us in every single matter that we requested. He also gave us some beautiful souvenir from China. The highlight of our trip was Guilin and Yangshou with the excellent tour guide we had there (Ms Gong Jia-Ying-- Merlinda) and also amazing tour guide in Shanghai (Mr Kathy Yao) he is a walking encyclopedia, he has incredible knowledge about Chinese culture, history, infrastructure, you name it!. We will recommend Odyssey to our friends and family who wants to visit China in future. I highly recommend our consultant (Mr Andy Xie) and his team. Until next trip!

Clients:Rohan and Merlyn Phillips      from:United States of America    October 7th, 2016

The tour of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian and Beijing was excellent.  All the arrangements were perfect and my wife and I enjoyed the tour very much.  The places we visited were very interesting, the hotels were excellent and the travel arrangements were very efficient.  A special thanks to Andy for the tour arrangements and recommendations and also for his very prompt responses to all my questions.

We want to specially mention all four tour guides who provided excellent service.  Ms. Cecilia in Hong Kong, Mr. Ma Yong (Mac) in Shanghai, Mr. Yan Ya-Quan (Kevin) in Xian and Ms. Sun Ling-Ling (Lucy) in Beijing were very helpful.  They met us at the airports and train station on time and delivered us to the hotels and assisted with the check-in process.  They also accompanied us to the airports and train station and made sure that we were checked in when we were leaving each city.  They did a great job as tour guides, giving us much information about each of the places we visited and explaining the culture and traditions associated with each place.  We also want to mention our driver in Beijing Mr. Wang de Ming who drove us long distances very safely to see the Great Wall and then through the mountains to see the Ming tombs.  

In conclusion, I want to again say that we really enjoyed the tour and to thank you and Odyssey Tours.  I am planning to write an excellent review in Trip Advisor and we are also recommending Odyssey Tours to all our friends.  Please let me know if there are any other reviews that you want us to write for Odyssey Tours and our Hong Kong/China experience.  We look forward to using Odyssey Tours on our future travels. 

Thank you.
Best regards,
Rohan and Merlyn Phillips  

Clients:Babak Imanoel      from:United States of America    July 11th, 2016

My wife, three children and I just came back from a 12-day tour of China. Thanks to Odyssey, we had a fabulous time and could not be any happier. The tour guides and drivers were absolutely wonderful. All in all, we strongly recommend Odyssey to anyone that wishes to visit China. Altogether, we intereacted with six tour guides. As stated, they were all great. However, Robin, Sisi and April went above and beyond to make sure that we had a wonderful time. While in China, we flew on China Eastern airline as well as Air China. Each time that we used China Eastern, we had very long delays for no apparent reason. We also found out from the tour guides that delays with China Eastern is very typical. So, my suggestion would be NOT to use China Eastern.

Clients:Suncraig      from:    July 8th, 2016

To start off, Andy our tour consultant at Odyssey was very attentive to all of our wants and needs. We didn't want to be part of a large tour group. Odyssey guides picked us up at the airport, welcomed us with a smile, bottled water and a snack during our ride to our hotel. We even had mobile wifi with us all the time! One guide and driver at every city/stop. So we really got to know them. From our experience I wouldn't change a thing, except make it longer. Thank you Eric, Libby, Jon, Kevin and Sarah. You guys made our trip terrific!

Clients:BrianH      from:United States of America    June 16th, 2016

Day 1 - My wife and I took a High Speed Train from Xi'an to Beijing where we met Jim (guide) and our drive (John). Trip to hotel, nice small talk about China, culture, and local interests. Remainder of day free to eat scorpions and locust.
Day 2 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven
Day 3 - Great Wall, (take Toboggan down), Jade Gallery and the Sacred Road
Day 4 (favorite) - Rickshaw Hutong Tour, Yandai Xie St., Summer Palace and Kung Fu Show
Day 5 -Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, The National Stadium, and The National Aquatics Center.
Day 6 - High Speed Train back to Xi'an!

Jim (Guide) did a very good job during the tour and recommending shows for after dinner activities.

1) Silk Factory
2) Jade Gallery
3) Cloisonne Factory
4) Pearl Factory
1) China Opera (too high pitched)
2) Kung Fu show
3) Acrobat Show (if you only have time to see one this is the one!)

Each day was full of activities, sights and unexpected jewels of culture! One of the best vacations I've taken with my wife! Memories for a lifetime.

Best: The Great Wall (just to say I was there)
Best: Culture Differences noted and experience
Least: Some of the local "street sellers" would follow you and I thought guide should have step in and said, go away, they are not interested, bye-bye
Bring: Camera, good walking shoes.

Thank you Jim, John and Odyssey!

Clients:damselfish212      from:United States of America    May 9th, 2016

I hired Odyssey for 8 days of private touring, from Suzhou to Beijing to Xi'an and on to Chengdu. It was somewhat complicated because dates and hotels kept changing and Andy, my contact at Odyssey, managed to stay on top of it and keep me informed all the way. Although guides showed up, with drivers, when expected, it was sometimes difficult to find them in the huge terminals. I had ordered a sim card to be delivered to me at my hotel upon my arrival in China and was very glad I did. I recommend you do do the same. It made it much easier to stay in touch with my guides.

The drivers were all excellent; guides varied. Although most were very good, some absolutely going out of their way to flexible and helpful, some were a little more rigid. And one of the guides spoke so quickly and had such a thick accent, I found her difficult to understand, even though her English was excellent. But that was a minor issue. All in all I found Odyssey to be responsive and very professional. Just what you want in a tour company.

Clients:Harriet S      from:United States of America    March 18th, 2016

The first thing we saw blew our minds. It was a minature replica of the city with every building accounted for, complete with rivers. The craftsmanship was amazing. The other sights about town were also impressive though we got carried away buying silk at the silk museum. And we never imagined we'd have so much fun at a tea party in the Yu Garden. Our guide was Linda who joined us for lunch at one her favorite restaurants where she ordered several different dishes to try. On our airport day, we squeezed in as many more sights as possible before heading to the airport where she helped us check in before leaving us at the security check point. The hotel was well located and very comfortable. Our driver and guide were always punctual, friendly and cared for our every need. Linda's English was excellent as was her knowledge of Shanghai's history.
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