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Odyssey Travel Consultant Leila Deng’s Home Page

Travel Consultant:Leila Deng

Hi,my name is Leila Deng. I joined China Odyssey Tours after graduation.

It's my great pleasure to work with these wonderful and professional people here.

I'm young and desirous to learn. Your satisfaction is my goal.

I believe we can work together to make a perfect China tour.



Reviews of China Odyssey Tours' Service:

Clients:daveandjohnette      from:United States of America    December 5th, 2016

My China Odyssey Tour advisor, Leila Deng, did a great job of helping me get the most out of a brief two and half days in Shanghai by planning a good mix of sites and activities. My guide, Apple, was exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. From the ancient water village of Zhujiajiao to the Shanghai World Financial Center, Apple imparted as much history, culture, and future plans as I could absorb. She said that when residents stood on the Bund, facing across the Huangpu River, they had a saying, "behind me is history and in front of me is the future". I splurged on a hotel, staying on 12th floor of Les Suites Orient with a window on the Bund - and it was worth it, as the view was beyond fabulous, especially at night.

Don't miss the Exhibition of Urban Design and Planning. It had great photos of old Shanghai and the same spots today. It also has a spectacular three dimensional map of Shanghai and an almost virtual reality 360 degree movie as if on a train riding around the city. The Shanghai Museum, located right next door, is a fantastic window into the ancient history of China.

Finally, don't miss the Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings. Apple took me to a little local place, whose pork/crab/soup dumplings were the tastiest item I ate anywhere in China. And a place called House of Blues & Jazz had an exceptionally good roast suckling pig.

Thanks to China Odyssey for providing a memorable time in Shanghai.

Clients:Carla Awad      from:Belgium    November 30th, 2016

I went 12 days with Odysseus tours to China my father a friend and I !!! It was beyond excpected!!! Leila Deng made for us the itinerary Chengdu leshan Emei Guilin Longsheng Yangshuo and finally Sanya in Hainan island!!! The organisation was wonderfull the hotels very good and the 3 guides Cody in Chengdu Robin in Guilin and Angela in Sanya!!!! We were very pleased with this trip and hope to come visit other part of China next year!!! Thank you Odysseus tours Thank you Leila Deng!!!!!!

Clients:daveandjohnette      from:United States of America    November 16th, 2016

My 3 day visit to the Guilin area was magical. From the Zhuang village of Ping'an in the Longshen rice terraces to the pagent, Impression of Sannie Liu, on the Li River in Yangshuo, the entire region just sparkled. Thanks to China Odyssey agent, Leila Deng, and my guide, Teresa, I was able to experience as much of the fascination as possible in such a short time.

I have never stayed in small, boutique hotels any more charming and hospitable than the Aroma Tea House in Guilin and the Mountain Resort in Yangshou. Both were just stunning. I would have loved more time in both places.

My walks around Rong Hu Lake in Guilin were extremely entertaining. To see so many folks out enjoying themselves - exercising, dancing, playing games, etc. The place was vibrant in the morning and absolutely packed at night. I would never have felt so safe in an American Park after dark.

Visiting an open air market and taking a cooking class in Yangshou were highlights for sure. We even managed to enjoy what we cooked. The bamboo rafting and bike riding along the YuLong river were so peaceful and gorgeous. I cannot thank China Odyssey enough for suggesting these special treats.

Teresa looked after me like I was her own grandfather, bringing me fresh snacks and water each day, and offering several small remembrances of the region. She is a great ambassador for Guilin and for China Odyssey.

This region of the famous Karst mountains and the ubiquitous Phoenix bamboo along the Li River are "must sees" for any trip to China. The scene on the back of the 20 Yuan note is on the Li River, and you too can have your picture taken at the exact spot - if your guide and agent are as good as mine were.

Clients:daveandjohnette      from:United States of America    November 12th, 2016

I spent the month of July investigating six potential tour guide companies. Leila Deng of China Odyssey stood out from the crowd, and combined with the reasonable cost, led me to choose them. They exceeded my expectations. The trip was 11 days in October, with the first three in Beijing. My guide, Zack, was exceptionally personable and attentive. Leila informed him of my birthday, and a cake magically appeared in my hotel room when we returned from the Great Wall.

He worked overtime the night I went to the Kung Fu show, agreeing to my request to use the subway back to the hotel. By the way, the Wangfujing hotel is excellent. He also accompanied me to the station for the bullet train to Xi'an, and stayed to make sure that I was situated in the correct compartment.

I think it is a testimony to China Odyssey that they have such knowledgeable guides with good English competence and such skilled, patient drivers. I highly recommend both a trip to China and using China Odyssey as your tour company.

Clients:Loribilori      from:Argentina    November 11th, 2016

We made a 3 day trip to Beijing and China Odyssey Tours organized the tours to the Forbidden City and the Grat Wall with a guide and driver. Leila was our contact and she arranged it all. They picked us up at the airport and left us there when we left. Everything was taken care of and we had a real good time. We will call them again for other tours.

Clients:Saleem Ali      from:United States of America    November 10th, 2016

My wife and I along with our couple friends decided we wanted to go on a trip of a lifetime. We wanted to see China, but it was very ambitious for us. We don't speak the language or know the culture. I saw an ad for my odyssey tours and I gave them a call. I spoke to Leila Dang and she made booking this trip so easy! We saw over six cities with private buses and phenomenal tour guides! We had the most amazing time and covered everything! We were never afraid to go anywhere or get lost! Thanks to my odyssey tours I have memories of a lifetime that are worth every penny. We are looking forward to booking our next trip. If you want to go on a trip, take a leap of faith and book my odyssey tours with full confidence!

Clients:Everitt Johnson      from:    November 9th, 2016

Leila Deng was our tour planner and consultant for our scheduled tour of China. We found her to be very helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. She exhibits broad knowledge of tourists interest and concerns on many levels.An example is her keen insight into attaining travel Visas and Passports, both subjects that are vital to many travelers. Leila was a pleasure to work with. She planned an outstanding tour that met all our interests and requirements. Her help was beyond value, and the prompt responses to our questions, and areas of concern, enabled us to finalize our plans with complete confidence.

Clients:Lynette Ballou      from:United States of America    November 8th, 2016

I worked with Odyssey Tours for tours in 4 cities in China and for transport to and from the airport. All went great, on time. The guides are very knowledgeable and caring, they made recommendations on when to visit sites due to the Golden week and crowds. We visited all the places on our list and more! I did make my own travel reservations and hotels because we have points to use for hotels so we saved money. Odyssey was prompt and worked well with me!

Clients:Lynette B      from:United States of America    November 7th, 2016

We went to Chengdu to see the Pandas and we got to see the babies born summer 2016 and it was wonderful. We also visited the area where Tibetan people live, very interesting. Chengdu surprised us because it's a very modern new city. We enjoyed our tour Guide Kevin. He was easy to understand and knowledgeable.

Clients:Lynette B      from:United States of America    November 7th, 2016

We loved Shanghai, it's definitely a beautiful city. Our tour guide Portia was great, very knowledgeable. We enjoyed the Bund, the French area, the Temples, the restaurants where we had lunches, the Acrobat Show! We had dinner at Goodfellas on the Bund (great restaurant)!
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