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Travel Consultants of China Odyssey Tours

Native Travel Consultants

Planning a tour to China has never been an easy task considering China's landmass, culture, and language. The advice from local experts would add a lot to your tour.

Travel Agents at China Odyssey Tours are called Travel Consultants. You will have your personal travel consultant and all your inquiry emails will be answered within 24 hours. We have a professional operation process. During your tour in China, your travel consultant is always just a phone call away to make you feel confident and secured. He or she will be consistently making sure your tour is delivered as planned.

Get to know our travel specialists
Candy Yu
Candy Yu
(Sales Director)

I have worked in China tourism business for over 20 years. As the Sales Director of China Odyssey Tours, I will be dedicated as always to the team management and service supervisal as well as cost control.

I believe that China Odyssey Tours will be undergoing a continued and sound development.

Sophie Lu
Sophie Lu
(Sales Manager)

It is my great pleasure to work in China Odyssey Tours. Since I was still a little girl, I have already been attracted by tourism. Now my dream comes true.

As the manager of our team, I always try my best to make sure every client enjoys traveling with our company. I hope you could get an unforgettable memory in China.

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