Beijing Festivals: Temple Fair, Lanterns, Maples, etc.

Ice Lantern Art Festival at Longqing Gorge

(Jan. 15th - Feb. 28th)

Longqing Gorge, 85 Kilometers from Beijing, the winter here is cold but not dreary. The Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival is second to the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in terms of scale and has already become a traditional tourist attraction. It is a large outdoor ice lantern festival held in the lowest latitude in the world. This makes Longqing Gorge an ideal destination for extended Beijing tours during the festival period. 

Changdian Temple Fair

(Lunar calendar Jan.1st - 16th)

It is a tradition for Beijingers to attend temple fairs during the Spring Festival. The Changdian Temple Fair is Beijing's oldest and best-known temple fair with distinctive local features. Performances include a lion dance, Peking Opera, martial arts, acrobatics, pop music, folk dancing, and traditional Chinese handicraft. At the temple fair, you can not only watch wonderful live shows but also savor local flavors and enjoy shopping around. Participate in this event to make your Beijing tour special.

Peking OperaPeking Opera

Baiyunguan Temple Fair

(Lunar calendar Jan.1st - 19th)

Baiyunguan is a Taoist temple with a history of more than 1000 years old. It hosts the only temple fair that is now actually held within a temple. Special activities include riding donkeys, stroking stone monkeys, savoring special local snacks, and learning about Taoist culture. It is going to be a unique cultural experience. 

Local SnacksLocal Snacks

Dongyuemiao Temple Fair

(Lunar calendar Jan.1st - 7th)

The theme of the Dongyuemiao Temple Fair is praying for "福" (fortune and luck). You will find various forms of "福" in the temple. Many people come to seek their fortune and luck and take them back home. 

Lantern Festival

(Lunar calendar Jan.6th - 17th)

Lantern festivals are held in many places with various activities. You can attend the festivals in the Workers' Cultural Palace, in the Old Summer Palace, or in Zizhu Park, appreciating the beautiful lighted lanterns on display and participating in the guessing game of lantern riddles.

Red Maple Festival in Fragrant Hills Park

(in the late October and early November)

It is said that the red maple in Fragrant Hill is the most enchanting autumn scenery in Beijing. If you decide to tour Beijing in autumn, don't forget to admire the charm of the Fragrant Hills, enjoy the pleasant weather and do some moderate climbing.

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