Beijing Local Lifestyle

Beijing, the capital of China, beautifully blends ancient and modern Chinese cultures. A cosmopolitan metropolis combining both history and modernity is what you can expect to experience on Beijing tours. Beijing locals live an interesting life that combines these two elements. They go about their lives while being surrounded by some of the most spectacular historical places in the world.

The Interesting Daily Life of Beijing Local People

Early in the morning, Beijing's elderly can be seen in mass heading to Beijing's parks, squares, and the historical Temple of Heaven to do their morning exercises. They can be seen in groups practicing tai chi, performing martial arts, doing Yangge (a local dance), and playing with Beijing's tops. This is a site that can be seen throughout China, but with some unique differences.

Beijing's Hutongs are a twisting labyrinth of alleyways and courtyard homes. People in Beijing traditionally lived in Hutongs. The Hutong communities are very special. Since most people have lived in the Hutongs for generations, they all know each other and each Hutong is like a mini community inside the bustling metropolis. Many visitors choose to hire a pedicab or rent a bicycle to visit Beijing's Hutongs. Riding through the ancient alleyways and peeking at ancient courtyard homes takes visitors back to a more slow-paced life. In China it is typical for grandparents to take care of their grandchildren and grandfathers can be seen walking their grandchildren down the alley to a little shop to buy some sweets and get a bit of gossip.

Taste Local Snacks in HutongTaste Local Snacks in Hutong

Another favorite pastime of Beijingers is Peking (Beijing) Opera. Peking Opera has a history of over 200 years. It is extremely popular, especially amongst the elderly who enjoy watching it in the evenings. Peking Opera has become more popular with visitors over recent years. With its colorful costumes dazzling face paints and fantastic martial arts, it is a little wonder that tourists should not miss on their tour in Beijing.

Peking OperaPeking Opera

While the local elderly enjoy Peking Opera, the younger generation enjoys going to bars, nightclubs, and KTV. Beijing is famous for its jumping nightlife. The most hopping night spots can be found on San Li Tun Bar Street, Wangfujing and Xidan. Many of Beijing's fashionable young ladies like to spend the evenings shopping in Beijing's many boutiques on Wangfujing Street and Xidan shopping center. The middle-aged can be seen in the evening doing western dances in the parks.

Beijing locals lead interesting lives. During the day life is very fast-paced, but at night things tend to slow down. Beijing offers something for everyone and is always welcoming to visitors. It is a dynamic city with wonderful things hiding behind every corner.

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