Things to Do in Beijing

Beijing, the No.1 tourist destination in China, is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis, and a major transportation hub that welcomes visitors with gracious hospitality. As the capital of China, Beijing plays an important role in the world nowadays. It is an ancient city with all of the modern amenities a visitor could want. This city has some unique cultural aspects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. During Beijing festivals, visitors inevitably feel overwhelmed, and upon leaving Beijing always feel like there was so much more they did not have time to explore. See our customer's testimonials of their Beijing travel highlights.

Peking (Beijing) Opera

Peking Opera is the national essence of China. With a history of about 200 years, it has been the passion of most of China. Peking Opera has become popular in Western countries because of its dazzling costumes, mysterious facial makeup, and exciting martial arts. A lot of people from around the world come to China to learn Peking Opera. It is highly recommended to include a Peking Opera performance in your Beijing tours. The best place to appreciate Peking Opera is in Beijing's Capital Theatre.

Peking OperaPeking Opera

Kungfu Show

Kungfu is traditional Chinese performance art with a long history. The Kungfu performances are breathtaking, and always unforgettable. Beijing is a wonderful place to enjoy the Kungfu Show: Beijing Red Theater, which has performed throughout China, and around the world, and has received numerous international awards for its breathtaking feats. Visitors interested in Beijing's Kungfu Show can purchase tickets, with their travel agency's help. Travel to Beijing should not miss seeing this wonderful show.

Wang Fu Jing Snack Street

This snack street is full of delicious snacks that are from every part of China. The Cafes on this street are extremely popular with locals and visitors. The restaurants offer wonderful food in a romantic atmosphere. Once full, visitors can go shopping in Wang Fu Jing Shopping District. Wang Fu Jing Snack Street is really an integrated place of leisure and entertainment. It's a good choice to go at night.

Beijing's nightlife is always hopping. The city has innumerable bars and nightclubs with an unlimited variety of themes. There are bars to cater to every person. It is said that any visitor to Beijing can find their perfect bar. The most recommended bar street in Beijing is San Li Tun Bar Street.

Houhai is Beijing's newly developed old town of funky nightlife full of small bars and pubs with character. With the glow of lights over the lake, Houhai takes on an unreal feeling. Most cafes and restaurants are individually owned and have their own unique style and service.

"The Boat" is recommended because it is the only bar that locates on a boat in Beijing. The atmosphere is romantic and exciting. Besides bars, visitors to Beijing can visit its many nightclubs, massage parlors, tea houses, and KTV. Being in the most popular metropolis in China, there is something for everybody.

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