Peasant Painting

Peasant Paintings Origin

Chinese peasant paintings, also known as peasant paintings, are decorative paintings and printed pictures created by peasants in central north China, most famous in the Huxian county of Xi'an. Traditionally, Huxian peasants paint their works solely for decorating their own houses or to celebrate special events such as harvesting or festivals. The painting's subject often includes god images and auspicious patterns, drawn or pasted in places like the end of a heated brick bed (often seen in North China), kitchen, and walls. In recent years, peasants began to draw rustic pictures on paper. These simple aesthetic works are much loved by rural and urban people, as well as attract attention from abroad. If you're planning on a Xi'an tour, try to include Huxian County in your itinerary.

Peasant PaintingPeasant Painting

What to Appreciate in Peasant Paintings

Chinese peasants paint their works by using bright colors in a simple and authentic style to express their good wishes, record their everyday lifestyle, and illustrate festivities. Some paintings are bold and unconstrained, some are strong and impassioned, while others are ornate and elegant. All of them have a naive charm, clear and full of the feeling of folklife. By appreciating these artworks, you get a full picture of how these Chinese peasants live, how they think, and what they love.

Where to see Peasant Paintings

Huxian County is the best place to appreciate Peasant Paintings. It is entitled the County of Painting by the Ministry of Culture in 1988. Its peasant paintings are most renowned in China. Huxian is easy to reach as it is located 40 km southwest of Xian. You will see how these paintings are painted, and if you wish, buy one as a souvenir to bring home. An exclusive work lively painted for you is also available. By the way, this country is also famous for paper cutting. So you can appreciate two great folk arts in one place.

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