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      • What type of accommodation will we be staying in?

        Good accommodation choices will no doubt enhance your tour experience. We give clients the opportunity to stay in a wide range of accommodations, from Inn to 5* hotels, Boutiques, and Chinese Styles. All of the accommodation we use is of a high standard.

        • Do I need to bring a power plug adaptor when I come to China?

          Keep in mind that China uses 220V of electricity, which is higher than that Western countries use. A power plug adaptor will do you a great favor if you want your electronic products to run properly during your China stay. What to do if forgot to pack it in your bag? Don’t worry. An adaptor or converter is easy to get everywhere in China just by turning to your tour guide or the hotel staff.

        • Does the hotel staff speak English? 

          Most staff working face-to-face with customers in 5-star hotels can speak English well. As for those working in 4-star and 3-star ones that contracted with China Odyssey Tours, English is not a barrier to simple conversation. It's suggested to ask the clerk at the front desk for help if anything is needed.

        • Is tap water drinkable in hotels?

          Tap water is usually not safe to drink in hotels. However, thermos or electrical water boilers are often available so that you can boil water by yourself. The best choice is to drink bottled mineral water, especially in the first few days in China. You can buy bottled water almost everywhere at a price of $0.25 or $0.75. In some hotels, guests can have a bottle or two in the room for free drinking.

        • I need a general introduction to hotels in China. 

          There are lots of hotels in China, and quite a few of them are above three-star, hotel star in China is assessed by the China National Tourism Bureau with very strict criteria. Generally speaking, the services and facilities offered by the hotels above three-star include:
          1) Central control air-conditioner, a color TV, telephone, refrigerator, and a double curtain in the room.
          2) A private bathroom with 24-hour hot water, disinfected towels & glasses, toothbrushes &paste, soap, bath lotion & shampoo, and toilet paper.
          3) One or two beds, a wardrobe, and a dressing table, with ceiling lamps, and bedside lamps.
          4) An electrical water boiler, with which you can boil the water to drink. 
          5) Round-the-clock room service.
          6) Concierge service & Bank service for exchanging money & postcard delivery service
          7) Business center & Tour Department
          8) Chinese and Western restaurants, coffee shops, bars, banqueting halls, conference rooms, multi-function halls, ballrooms, beauty parlors, and massage rooms.
          9) Shop(s) selling souvenirs.

        • Can you cater to special dietary requirements? 

          We do offer cuisine choices according to your specific requirements. Remember to state the food you want at the booking stage so that we can inform the hotel/restaurant about this before your arrival.

        • What kinds of meals we will have in China?  

          Normally we include two meals (breakfast & lunch) each day upon your dining request. Unless otherwise requested, the dinner is left to your own arrangement; you may take this opportunity for a little food adventure.
          Breakfasts usually are served at the hotel where you stay; can be in western style, Chinese style, or a combination depending on your hotel.
          Lunches are a la carte at local restaurants whenever possible, usually, Chinese food is served with sanitation guaranteed. Please note in some remote regions it’s simply hard to arrange a decent a la carte meal, and then lunch will be at a local tourist restaurant or a local family.
          Your tour guide will help you make the order as waiters’ English capacity at local restaurants do varies.

        • Do our tour guides and drivers have meals with us?

          The guide and the driver to each destination will dine at the same restaurant as yours. But, they will not join you unless you invite them.

        • Is it possible for me to choose my own meals?  

          Nothing is more important than your satisfaction. You can eat at restaurants of your own choice when meals are not included in some areas. Just tell your tour guide, who will give you some help.

        • I am a vegetarian, will you provide vegetarian (including no chicken/seafood) meals for me?

          Sure, we can always make the arrangement according to your requirements. So if you have any special requirements for your food, please let us know so that we can inform the restaurants beforehand to meet your needs.

        • We have several meals on our own, can you give us some suggestions about this?

          First, always choose those restaurants that are dependable in terms of hygiene and quality.
          Second, at the restaurants, ask the waiters/waitresses what the food they serve exactly is before you order, because sometimes at certain restaurants they give beautiful names to that food you may not want to eat at all. 
          Third, our guides are the local experts, so you can always ask him/her about what to eat and where to eat, they can give you some advice.
          Fourth, prepare a notebook with the names of different food written both in English & Chinese in case you need to show waiters/waitresses what you want to eat.

        • Will we be able to try some local food in different places we are going to visit? 

          To guarantee hygiene and quality, all the meals arranged for you by us are in government-approved restaurants, sometimes in some cities, meals will be arranged in the hotels above three-star. 
          But if you do want to try local food at the local restaurants, please tell your guides, if possible and convenient, our guides will fulfill your requirement.

        • If I go outside for dinner or food by myself, what should I pay attention to? 

          China Odyssey Tours recommends that when dining or visiting bars not included on your itinerary that you first look at the menu prices before ordering to ensure you will not be surprised by the bill.

          See the top10 China tours or contact us for a tailor-made China tour.

        • Is there any important dining etiquette & customs in China? 

          Dining etiquette in China can be quite intricate and daunting at first. The following etiquette and customs may ease your nervousness and make you enjoy China’s cuisine more. 

          1) When using chopsticks, don’t point them directly at people, and never stick them standing upright in your rice bowl.

          2) Use a clean spoon solely for taking food from communal plates for yourself or others, if you serve someone with your own chopsticks, use the blunt ends that don’t go into your mouth.

          3) In Chinese custom, unless amongst friends or in an informal setting, it is the inviter who pays for the meal.

          4) When you are not so sure what to do, simply ask your guides or do as local people do.

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