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 Something about China:


      • Is it a must-to tip?

        It's not an obligation to tip but it's always welcomed. Tipping usually occurs at the end of the tour when you're satisfied with your tour guide's performance. And how much you tip depends on how you rate the tour guide's service.

      • Do I need to take out travel insurance for my trip?

        You must always ensure you are fully insured when traveling overseas, and we require all our clients to have suitable and adequate coverage. Please check that your insurance includes covering cancellation fees in the instance you are forced to cancel your tour prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances.

      • What is it like getting around by taxi in China?

        Taxi is available everywhere in major tourist cities. The starting fare in each city varies, so you’d better check the sticker with fare explanation on the car windows. Paying in CNY cash will save you a lot of time. Not all taxi drivers are able to speak English. Take with you a map captioned in both Chinese and English and show the driver where you want to go.

      • What are my rights and obligations when I travel to China?

        As indicated in the Constitution of RPC Article 32, foreigners’ lawful rights and interests are protected within Chinese territory while foreigners must abide by the law of the People’s Republic of China within Chinese territory.

      • When does the public holiday take place? Should we avoid visiting China during that period?

        The public holidays in China are:

        January 1st: New Year’s Day, duration of 1 day

        January or February: Spring Festival, duration of 7 days

        April 4th or 5th: Tomb Sweeping Day, duration of 1 day

        May 1st: International Labor’s Day, duration of 3 days

        September or October: Mid-autumn Day, duration of 3 days

        October 1st: National Day, duration of 7 days

        National Day is the hottest holiday for the Chinese, who swamp scenic spots with family or friends for relaxation. Hotels and flights are usually booked up and the tourist sites are full of people. It’s suggested to avoid visiting China during this period for your concern for comfort.

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      • What is the climate like in China, and what is the best season to visit?

        China is a vast country with different climates, which range from tropical to high altitudes. But generally speaking, spring is from April to May, summer from June to August, fall from September to October, while winter is from November to March, and usually, it is colder and drier in the north in winter, and hotter and more humid in the south in summer.

        No matter what season of the year, there is always a place in China that is worth visiting. And you’d better find out the weather forecast before you start your trip to China, or ask your travel consultant for expert suggestions.

    • What is the dress code when I travel in China?

      The Dress Code is casual during your whole tour. Shorts and t-shirts in summer are fine, even in the dining room. Remember, it's YOUR tour and you should wear what's comfortable for you. For some occasions, like watching Peking Opera in Beijing & Tang Dynasty Show in Xi’an, it is not necessary to dress up, but if you prepare formal dress and prefer dressing up, you can also do that.

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