Guilin Crown Cave (Guanyan Cave)

The Crown Cave (or Guanyan Cave) is located in Yangshuo, Guilin. It is an exit of an underground river that is connected with the Li River. As the origin of the water is different from that of the Li River, the water from the crown cave is greener than that from the Li River. You will see the difference when you visit here.

Looking from the Li River, the cave is like a hill ahead of the boat, but when you go inside, you will find the hill is hollow. Just walk inside, and suddenly you will hear the sound of water, looking down from the handrail, you can see another cave at the bottom part and a boat is passing through. Go to the underground cave, you need to take a boat to go inside. As it is hollow, you can hear the echo of your voice if you yell out during your tour.

The cave consists of three parts. The top two parts are dried karst caves with fantastic stalactites and stalagmites in all strangle shapes, typical karst features can be found here. The bottom part is a giant subterranean river, you can see an underground stream passing through the cave and then joining the Li River. That's why you can hear the sound of the water when you go inside.

The cave has been set with modern sightseeing facilities. When you finish your water tour, you may take an elevator to the exit of the crown cave. It is the No. 1 elevator for sightseeing in Asia for the cave tour. You can also take a small train or a sightseeing roller coaster to visit. Of course, you need to take a boat for a subterranean river tour. These tour ways are called a combination of sea tour, land tour and air tour. Don't you think it is vivid? No wonder it is said the cave has the most ways to travel.

With modern travel ways and beautiful sceneries, the cave tour is just like a dream tour, you will only be awake until you go outside of the hole. Contact us for a visit to this natural wonder.

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