Guilin Fubo Hill (Subduing Wave Hill)

Guilin Fubo Hill (Subduing Wave Hill) is located on the western bank of Li River, in the northeast of Guilin City. The beautiful Hill is 120 meters long, 60 meters wide, and 213 meters high, it is well known as the Wonderland on Wave of Guilin Karst hills caves with its exquisite peak rising high and its foot half in water and half on land.


There are legends about the name of Fubo Hill, for one thing, there was a temple that was once built in memory of the general Fubo in the Tang Dynasty, and for another thing, the river is blocked and eddied by the hill, which was believed to have the power of subduing wave. Fobu Hill is small, but very nice and offers wonderful views of Guilin and the Li River.

Pearl-Returning Cave

At the foot of the hill is Pearl-Returning Cave, which is composed of many side caves, linked like a labyrinth. Among the numerous caves on the hill, Pearl-Returning Cave is the most famous. The legend about this cave says that once a fisherman entered the cave and picked up the dragon ball in this cave, which annoyed the Dragon King, who then stirred up trouble and brought many disasters to the common people. Later, the fisherman was ordered to give it back for a peaceful life, that's the reason why it got its name.

Sword Testing Stone

Inside the "Return the Pearl" Cave, there is the "Try the Sword" Rock, General Fubo is said to have tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since.

Thousand Buddha Cave

At the end of the Pearl-Returning cave is Thousand-Buddha Cave, which is a 3-storeyed cave has an approximate area of 133 square meters. On the upper level, 239 statues of Buddha were engraved in 36 shrines, most of which were created in the Later Tang Dynasty. The statues bear genial postures, plain clothing, and exquisite carvings. In the cave, the 1.2-meter-tall self-portrait of Mi Fu can be found inscribed on the stone. What is worth speaking of is Mi Fu is the first who paint the fabulous scenery of Guilin.

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