Guilin Nightlife

Guilin, as one of the most picturesque cities in China, has a lot of unique cultural aspects. The nightlife of Guilin is also colorful.

Senior People's Nightlife

The elderly will step out into the street for a stroll. There is an old idiom in Chinese that says 100 steps after eating is good for digestion. Families can be seen walking down the street, chatting and spending time with each other. They will probably go to a square or park to relax and chat.

They often go to Seven Star Park, Jia Tian Xia Square or Central Square for a walk. It is normal that a lot of kids are playing on the grass with their parents surrounded. After their walk, elder people will get together to play chess, mahjong, cards, etc.

Young People's Nightlife

For young people, the nightlife really belongs to them. Usually, they are found in the city center. Guilin's downtown area has a hopping nightlife. They love going shopping at the Guilin Department Store, Wei Xiaotang Shopping Mall, Zheng Yang Road Pedestrian Street, etc.  

Nightclubs and bars on Zheng Yang Road Pedestrian Street or Zhong Shan Road are also paradises for them.

Tourists' Nightlife

For tourists, Guilin's night market, which is located along Zhong Shan Road, is an attraction. It sells exquisite souvenirs, cute articles, and something full of characteristics of the Zhuang Minority. Besides, cruising between the two rivers and four lakes is a nice experience.

Join the nightlife of Guilin, and you may discover another charm of this picturesque city.

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