Guilin Rice Noodles

Besides being one of the most picturesque cities in China, Guilin's local cuisine is quite special. A visit to Guilin just isn't complete without sampling some of the local food. Of all the famous cuisine in Guilin, rice noodles are no doubt the most famous one.

The History of Guilin Rice Noodles

The noodles of Guilin are renowned throughout China and can be found in places such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. Of course, for the most authentic Guilin rice noodles, visitors must eat them in their hometown, Guilin. Guilin Rice Noodles were first invented in the Qin Dynasty, so it has a developmental history of 2000 years.

The Ordinary Scene in Guilin Rice Noodle's Shops:

In Guilin's rice noodle shops, you may many some fashionable young ladies and handsome young guys who wear business suits. Although there are no seats, they still stand to eat rice noodles in spite of their inelegance. Visitors may understand the special charm of Guilin rice noodles!

Guilin Rice Noodle's Making Methods:

Guilin rice noodles are made from oil and rice flour. The rice noodles are cooked in broth and served in a bowl of soup made from pork, beef, garlic, peanuts, peppers, and radishes, etc. The peppers are added by the diners, so visitors who do not like spicy food can simply not add them.

The most important technique is to make soup. Different kinds of rice noodle shops have different secret recipes to make their own rice noodles loved by people.

Rice noodles are Guilin people's staple diet and are very cheap. During meal times, the many small rice noodle restaurants are always packed with diners.

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