Guilin Transportation

As a world-famous destination, Guilin has an extensive transportation system that allows visitors to conveniently get around Guilin and travel throughout the country. Guilin is conveniently connected to over 100 domestic and international airports and is accessible from and to almost all the major countries in the world.

Getting Around in Guilin

By Taxi:
The easiest means of getting around Guilin is by taking one of its many taxis. The drivers are always happy to give advice to visitors. The starting fee is 9rmb for the first kilometer and 1.9rmb for each additional kilometer. Visitors taking a taxi do not need to worry about not being able to get back to their hotel, because every hotel will offer its guests a business card written in Chinese and English that will instruct taxi drivers on how to take them back to their hotel.

By Public Bus, or Sightseeing Bus:
There are public buses that travel throughout Guilin, and taking the bus would be the best and the most common method of getting around the city. The buses charge only 2rmb per ride. All of Guilin's most popular sites can be gotten to by public buses. Note: exact change is required and drivers cannot give change, so keep extra change with you if you wish to take public buses.

Rent a Bicycle or Car:
The primary mode of transportation for locals in Guilin is still the bicycle. It is also a perfect way for visitors to explore this city. It offers visitors the chance to stop where they would like, for as long as they want. Renting a bicycle in Guilin costs 10 to 30 RMB, plus a deposit. For visitors who are not using a tour company to visit Guilin, a car rental would be a nice option. Car rentals begin at 600 RMB for an 8-hour day.

Getting around China

By Train or Bus:
Getting around China by train or bus is the most common way to get to most cities. Guilin's railway station and long-distance bus station are located just a block from each other near downtown. It is recommended that visitors be cautious about their belongings and personal safety while using these two modes of transportation.

By Air:
28 kilometers away from Guilin's city center is the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. Guilin's airport has flights to more than 30 domestic cities and 8 international destinations. There is a shuttle bus that goes from the airport to the downtown area. It runs every half an hour and costs 20rmb per person. 

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