Jinkeng Rice Terrace in Longji

In the southeast of Longsheng County in Guilin, there is a group of large-scale rice-terraced fields. The wind from the foot to the top of the hill. Jinkeng Rice Terraces are located about 25 miles (40 km) away from Longsheng. Jinkeng Rice Terraces is home to Yao minorities.

The highest altitude of the Jinkeng Rice Terraces is 880 meters, and the lowest altitude is 380 meters. They show a picture of great momentum and imposing beauty!

There are 3 main scenic spots of Jinkeng. They are No. One Scenic Spot (West Hill Shaoyue), No. 2 Scenic Spot (Thousand-layer Ladder to the Sky), No. 3 Scenic Spot (Golden Buddha Top). Three scenic spots are composed of semi-round shapes.

Longji Rice TerraceLongji Rice Terrace

No. 1 scenic spot is the best place to watch the sunrise and is also the best and top place to admire the surroundings of the most beautiful scenes, so a lot of photographers are fond of there best, coupled with the changes of weather, the whole sceneries in the terraced field are always changing.

In spring, they are like ribbons. In summer, they are like green waves. In autumn, they are like golden fields. In winter, they are like silver dragons.

There are several villages in Jinkeng terraces. The first village at the foot of the mountain is Dazhai Village. Here, tourists may feel the local lifestyle and unique culture of this minority.

Climbing up the hill for about one hour, you will arrive at Tiantouzhai village, where you will have a panoramic view of the spectacular Jinkeng rice-terraced field.

After another 30-minute drive, you will arrive at Pingan Village. The local Zhuang and Yao girls have extremely long hair and dress in their colored clothes.

There are thousands of visitors to Jinkeng terraces. Eating the local cuisine, seeing the locals working in the field, and feeling the rurality in the village of Yao people is like a fairy man!

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