Liu Sanjie Show in Yangshuo

Impression Liu Sanjie is a sensational night show performed in the largest natural theatre, Yangshuo, in the world. Boundless sky and 12 peaks about 2km along Li River compose the stage of mountain and river backdrops.

Impression Liu Sanjie is a large-scale show with 600 plus actors and actresses involved. The show lasts approximately 70 minutes, combining the classical Sanjie Liu's folk songs and exotic fishing culture together, reflecting the harmony between human beings and nature. Performance of this kind is rare to be found elsewhere.

Unlike the traditional artificial stage performance, the Impression Liu Sanjie is a great work of both man and nature. The reflection of Karst hills in the Li River, misty rains and the sound from nearby bamboo forests are all ready to join in the performance.

The inspiration for this show is nature. "We only do half of the work while the other half is done by nature," said Zhang Yimou, the director of the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Demonstrating the harmony between humans and nature is what this shows for.

Liu Sanjie Show in YangshuoLiu Sanjie Show in Yangshuo

The Show of Impressions Sanjie Liu
Length: about 70 minutes
Time: usually, the first run is at 20:00 and the second run at 21:20
(Time is subject to change. Please check with your local guide.)
Subtitle: N/A 
Theatre: Nature Theatre
Closed period: usually in late January
Address: Tian Yuan Road in Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Travel Tip:

The performance may be canceled due to bad weather, such as heavy rains and cold temperatures.

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