Longsheng Minorities

There are many ethnic minority groups living in Longji. Among them, the Yao, Zhuang, and Miao are the three largest groups.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), many minority groups were forced to flee to the mountains. Being primarily an agricultural society, they needed to find a way to continue agriculture on the steep sides of the mountains. They ingeniously turned the mountains into terraced fields. The entire mountains are covered with rice fields, from far below to the peaks, making Longji a very unique and picturesque scenic spot.

Longsheng MinorityLongsheng Minority

The colorful costumes of these minority groups add a bright splash of color to the terraced rice fields as they go about their work of growing rice. The Yao women wear bright pink embroidered clothing with heavy silver earrings. They are famous for their extremely long hair and are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Zhuang women wear white shirts, black pants, and brightly colored clothes on their heads.

The Miao women wear colorful short jackets with short pleated skirts, and on special occasions, wear large amounts of silver jewelry, and adornments. This clothing is worn on a daily basis. It is an unforgettable site to see the minority women working in the fields in all of their finery.

Each minority group has its own individual language, music, dance, and art. Visiting Longji is like visiting a living museum of China's ethnic minority groups.

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