Longsheng Wooden Farm Houses

Suspending buildings (also called Diaojiaolou) are unique dwellings in Longji minority villages. All of the architectures here are wooden and bamboo houses.

Passing by 40 miles of mountain road, many bamboo houses will jump into your eyes, some of them are built by the rivers, some by mountains. Some of the buildings are separated and standing alone, some are built together to form groups.

Most of the wooden farm houses are built by the river, locating to the north facing the south or the east facing the west. Looking from a long distance, Longji terrace and bamboo dwellings combine a beautiful picture. You may feel a minority lifestyle here is simple and peaceful. Limpid spring water can be drunk at their own houses.

Go inside of the bamboo dwellings, you can see the bottom floor is usually for livestock and dead stock, The second floor is for people to live, it is also divided into two parts--the front one and the back one, the former is used for rest and manual labor while the latter was kitchen. The reason to do that is: firstly, for resisting since there were lots of wild animals in old days; the next one is for the residents' health, as the climate in hill is very humid, the people will become ill if they stay on the first floor for a long time.

The wooden houses and terraces are built halfway up the mountain; one old stone road is the only pass for the village people to go to the outside of the world. Minority people here before, such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao also communicated with external by this road.

There is an underlying regulation: every village should repair or rebuild it each year and each family should do 3 free work for it, hence, it is still in good conditions.

Go to Longji, you will feel you have gone to a world quite different from the modern city. It is full of history and minority style that you won't forget.

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