Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

The area around Guilin has distinctive Karst topography, while Yangshuo is the representative of the fancy Karst mountains. Heavy rain has left the living rock a perfect surface for climbing. Yangshuo has about 300 climbing routes of different difficulty levels.

Some Famous Sites for Rock Climbing

Yangshuo has numerous locations for rock climbing. The most famous crag is Moon Hill, which was first climbed by American Todd Skinner in 1992. The other famous crags for rock climbing include Moon Hill, Panda Hill, Middle Finger Hill, Golden Cat Cave etc.

Moon Hill in YangshuoMoon Hill in Yangshuo

The Routes of Rock Climbing

Most routes are about 20 to 25 meters high, but some single pitches reach 40 meters in length. The grades are in both American and French, and although most routes are in the 5a - 7a region, thanks to recent activity, some routes even reach the 8c mark.

Equipment Supply for Rock Climbers

For experienced rock climbers, it is easy for them to find a partner. For beginners and climbers without equipment, there are seven climbing clubs in Yangshuo that offer equipment rental, such as helmets, safety belts, shoes for rock climbing, climbing guides, etc.

Yangshuo is a paradise for rock climbing due to its nature-endowed advantages. It is full of challenges. Under the unsurpassed beauty in Yangshuo, climbing the hills may add a highlight to your tour.

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