Silver Cave Yangshuo

The caves in Guilin have a lot and most of the sceneries inside are nearly the same, but when you visit Silver Cave (or Yinzi Cave), you will be greatly impressed by its high hollow sky, deep underground river, impending waterfall, and dense stalagmite, all these kinds of wonderful sights will make you acclaim: "The silver cave is really a fairyland, it is one of the best scenic caves in China". 

Indeed, when you walk inside the silver cave, you will exclaim how nature can be so powerful to make such magnificent sights: stone curtains just like pieces of rosy clouds. Silver top of the cave makes you feel in a beautiful world of ice, snow, and frost. When you walked across the stone cliffs, you will understand why it is called silver cave as they are shiny like silver. Inside the cave, each scenic spot will make you feel what is called lifelike and vivid, with your continued the journey inside, you can't help exclaiming "Wow! Wow! Wow!" 

The karst cave consisting of three parts: the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave. It collects stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and curtains of geologic ages and some tens of remarkable scenic spots, taking the Screen of Music, the Keep Moon Palace and waterfalls on Snow Hill as the example of matchless spots, alongside with the three treasures of the Buddha Discussing on Buddhist Sutra, the Mixed Pearl Umbrella and the Solitary Pillar Propping up the sky. All these marvelous sceneries formed an unforgettable cave tour.

No wonder it is said: "silver cave is a combination of poetry, philosophy, and aesthetics". It is a magnificent natural art gallery. When you select the cave tours in Guilin, Don't miss it.

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