In China, everybody admires the following four scenes: the night scene of Shanghai city, the autumn scene in Beijing, the fog scene of Chongqing, and the rain scene of Guilin. The rain scene of Guilin and Yangshuo is worth seeing. 

In spring, the gentle rain moistens the land silently, the temperature is pleasant. During this time, cruise along the Li river with the rhythm of light rain, the river and the peaks appearing in one moment and disappearing in the next, you will feel as if entering a wonderland! 

In summer, there is mainly the occasional shower in Yangshuo, the weather is sultry. Besides cruising along the Li River, taking a raft floating gently down the Yulong river or even swimming in the Li River is a good choice for you.

The sceneries of Yangshuo are like enchanting pictures in autumn. It won't rain much, and the weather is cool. Needless to say, it is definitely a golden season to come to Yangshuo! Almost all the activities can be done in this period of time.

There will be occasional light rain in winter, the weather is cold with the wind blowing sometimes, and the water level of Li River is the lowest of the whole year. The tour expense is lower in the offseason. Having a bamboo raft to show you some essential reach of the Li River is a good choice for you.

In Yangshuo, the weather always changes faster than the Yangshuo weather forecast, so you don't have to expect the weather the next day. Whether it will be a sunny day or a rainy day, you will always appreciate the fantastic landscapes. You will enjoy the different aesthetic feelings in different weather. You won't be disappointed. What you need to do is take an umbrella to shelter yourself from the sun and rain.

Moreover, when met with a rainy day, visiting Crown Cave or other caves is a good choice for you. In Crown cave, you can float on the underground river, and appreciate the fantastic views.

If you are a drama enthusiast, you'd better avoid coming to Yangshuo in the cold winter(December, January, February) or heavy rainy days, for the grand outdoor performance "Impression Liu Sanjie" won't be shown in that kind of weather.

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