Yangshuo Moon Hill China

Located about 8 kilometers from Yangshuo town, there is a limestone pinnacle with a moon-shaped hole penetrating it, hence the name Moon Hill. It is one of the most visited attractions in Yangshuo, Guilin. With an elevation of 380 meters, the hill is 230 meters in relative height and 410 meters in length. The moon cave is about 50 meters in height and width.

Along the 'Appreciating Moon Path,' you will have different perspectives to appreciate the wonder. With the change of the viewports, the cave will take on a different look of "full-moon," "half-moon," or "crescent moon."

Moon Hill in YangshuoMoon Hill in Yangshuo

Although the path is not difficult, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to walk up. After reaching the ‘Moon,' through the marvelous natural view-finder, on sunny days, you can see the melodious elegant blue sky with white clouds; on rainy days you can see the mist rise from the valley. When you look around, you get the whole view of the surrounding area- the mountains, the rivers, the fields, and the peasant houses, all of which make it quite a panoramic picture.

There are lots of bizarre stalactites in dazzling shapes hanging in the ceiling of the cave. Two of them resemble WuGang and Jade Rabbit, an old Chinese legend.

Furthermore, for those who would like some challenges in their Guilin tours, Yangshuo Moon Mountain can be a good choice as a famous rock climbing area, with 14 rock-climbing routes on the northwest side. 

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