Yangshuo Village - Jinbao

Brief Introduction of Jinbao Village:

Jinbao town is the only forest village in Yangshuo. The rate of forest covering is 76.3%. It locates along the beautiful Yulong River, which is a branch river of the Li River. It is abundant with products and has convenient transportation.

Specialties in Jinbao:

There are many specialties in Jinbao town. The bamboo mat is famous throughout China. It can prevent heat and is helpful for people's health.

The main soil in Jinbao is the red soil, which is benefit for the growth of the cumquat. This fruit contains much Vitamin C. The sweet bamboo shoot is tasty and rich in fibrin and Vitamin A, B, and C. It is a green health care product.

Rich Travel Resources in Jinbao Village:

Miaoling Hill: It locates at the bank of Yulong River. There are lots of grotesque grottos on the hill. The grottos with beautiful legends show spectacular sights which attract visitors much.

Golden Bamboo Lake: It was called Jiuda reservoir in Yangshuo. With elegant hills and clear water, it is the best resort for people to take a vacation. There are all kinds of fish and shrimp in the lake, so it is a paradise for fishing lovers.

Nanfeng Temple: It locates at the peak of Shixing Hill. The temple is surrounded by picturesque scenery and ancient trees. The statues of Buddha, Kwan-yin, and the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha are lifelike. It is a holy land of Buddhism.

There are more things in Jinbao waiting for you to discover.

There are also other villages in Yangshuo that worth an exploration: Fuli Village and Liugong Village.

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